The Theme Park For Minecraft : How To Get It FREE!

The Theme Park for Minecraft is FREE for a Limited Time!

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The Theme Park for Minecraft

The Theme Park is on the brink of shutting down forever!​

Set out on an epic journey to earn tickets, repair rides, and restore the park to its former glory!


The Theme Park for Minecraft : How To Get It FREE!

To grab The Theme Park for Minecraft, make sure you do this before the offer expires :

  1. Launch Minecraft and sign into your account (if you are not already in).
  2. Tap on Marketplace.
  3. Search for The Theme Park by Oreville Studios and tap on it
  4. In The Theme Park page, tap on the Free button.

That’s it! The Theme Park will be added to your account, and the Free button will now turn into Equip the Skin!


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