SYNCED : Off-Planet – Everything On Tencent’s PvPvE Game!

Tencent just unveiled their first-ever AAA game with real-time ray tracing and Siren digital character technologySYNCED : Off-Planet!

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Tencent’s upcoming PvPvE sci-fi game, including its gameplay, CG and trailer videos!


SYNCED : Off-Planet

Developed by Tencent NExT Studios, SYNCED : Off-Planet is a brand-new PvPvE franchise that has players fighting each other, while surviving over a thousand Nanos!

Set in a future where humanity’s mechanical and technological evolution went violently wrong, players compete against other survivors of the apocalypse to secure resources for their day-to-day survival, and for a chance to escape planet Earth.

Human settlements now struggle to survive the new dangers of the world, while they try to locate transport shuttles that can take them… off-planet.

Officially unveiled at the NVIDIA Gamescom 2019 showcase, SYNCED : Off-Planet will feature a massive PvPvE gaming experience with up to 48 players, and over a thousand Nanos – corrupted human cyborgs.


SYNCED : Off-Planet Gameplay

Every round in SYNCED : Off-Planet lasts 20 minutes, with 16 teams of three players each. There will also be 1,500 Nanos that will be introduced into the map in “AI-driven bursts”.

The goal will be to capture a shuttle leaving Earth, and defend it against other teams and the Nanos, of course.

Here is the first gameplay video Tencent NExT Studios revealed, showing off its ray-traced graphics.

Players will earn XP (Experience Points) after every match, which can be used to upgrade both active and passive skills.

However, a team’s ability to gather resources and eliminate other teams will also be important. Resources can be used to upgrade your equipment, as well as your home base.

You will be able to chat with other players and teams in the Haven, a pre-match area where you can also organise your team, and purchase accessories.


SYNCED The Horde To Get Off-Planet!

The name itself is a hint on how it differentiates itself from other battle royale or zombie games

For greater situational awareness of the battlefield, players will have the ability to sync with other players, as well as control groups of Nanos by hacking them.

To hack a horde of Nanos, you will need to find a Nano with a vulnerable node and shoot it out. Then you need to hold down a button (which leaves you defenceless) until the malware activates.

Then every nearby Nano comes under your control, and will automatically attack “unhacked” Nanos and enemy players. You can also send them to a designated spot.

The hack or sync will last a minute, after which the hacked Nanos will fall to the ground… dead.

Because the bodies of dead Nanos will lie where they fall and persist in the game, you can use them to build obstacles. You can literally stack them up to block access.


SYNCED : Off-Planet Graphics

This is the first official AAA game by Tencent that will feature NVIDIA RTX real-time ray tracing technology to deliver photo-realistic image quality with ray-traced reflections and shadows.

It will also feature the Siren digital character technology that Epic Games showed off at GDC 2018.

It is based on Cubic Motion’s motion capture technology that uses a live actor to instantaneously create digital facial animation, making the characters look remarkably life-like.


SYNCED : Off-Planet Ray Tracing Comparisons

Here are the first official SYNCED : Off-Planet ray tracing screenshots and comparisons!

Lakes, puddles, wet surfaces, shiny surfaces and numerous other objects and game elements will naturally reflect surrounding detail.

And all shadows will feature realistic contact hardening and softening, as you see in the real-world.


SYNCED : Off-Planet Price + Availability

According to NExT, SYNCED : Off-Planet will be monetised through micro-transactions, but they haven’t decided whether to charge for the game upfront, or make it free-to-play.

But NExT Creative Director, Clark Jiayang Yang, said, “We’re not going to do pay-to-win for sure. I hate those pay-to-win games. As long as it’s fair for everyone, I think that’s fine.

They are planning to host a closed beta and early access period next year, where player feedback will determine their final monetisation decision.


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