The Sun Never Sets – How To Get This Game For FREE!

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The indie game, The Sun Never Sets, is FREE for a Limited TimeFind out how to get it FREE, and make sure you tell your friends!


The Sun Never Sets is FREE for a Limited Time!

Join Captain Eldon and his crew in a epic quest to find the treasure of the legendary Pirate King. The mad king had sealed his treasure by four mysterious crystals.

Only by breaking those seals will Eldon and his crew gain access to the cave where the legendary treasure is buried.

The Sun Never Sets - How To Get This Game For FREE!
In his quest Eldon will be joined by various other experienced veterans such as:

  • Doctor Maquiz – pirate doctor abandoned by his crew
  • Alex – young but gritty pirate
  • Gorak – Orkish chef with an bad attitude
  • And many other story line and secret characters

In their quest, they will be opposed by various factions such as rival pirates and the government which yearns to rid the seas of pirates.

Will Eldon have what it takes to ensemble his crew and find out what is the treasure of the Pirate King?

The game is set on a chain of medium and small islands. Method of transportation between landmasses will be by ship which will also serve as a hub zone for the player and various characters he will be able to recruit.

Fights are turn-based and action packed, with various enemies lurking in “random encounters”.

The final goal is to find the treasure of the mad Pirate King. To do so, the player will have to visit many diverse islands and fight his way trough hordes of cutthroat pirates… and some more nefarious things.


The Sun Never Sets – How To Get It FREE!

This is a DRM-free game, and that means you do NOT need a special launcher or client (like Steam) to install and play it.

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Adding To Your IndieGala Account

  1. Go to the The Sun Never Sets page.
  2. Scroll to the Get The Sun Never Sets section.
  3. Click on Add To Your Library link.
  4. You will be asked to log into your IndieGala account.
    If you do not yet have an IndieGala account, you will need to register for one (it’s free!)
  5. Once you add it to your library, you can download it at anytime.

The Sun Never Sets Free Download Link

Here are direct download links for those who do not wish to create an IndieGala account just to download the game at a later time.


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