Steel Rats + Stylish Mayhem : How To Get Them FREE!

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Steel Rats – an action arcade racing game – is FREE for a Limited Time!

Find out how to get this game + its Stylish Mayhem DLC for FREE, and TELL your friends!

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Steel Rats

Become one of the Steel Rats, a biker gang sworn to protect their city against an invading army of alien robots – Junkbots.

Wreck and ride through hordes of enemies, switching between four unique characters as you wreak havoc with the ultimate killing machine; your flame spewing, saw bladed, motorcycle.

Ride in style through the retro futuristic world of Steel Rats. Set in an alternate version of 1940’s USA, gear up and mount your chromed stallion and save Coastal City from the invading horde of Junkbots.

Your motorcycle is your weapon designed to crush your enemies in awesome and stylish ways whilst traversing up, down left and right, over rooftops and through enemy-infested tunnels.

Race, shoot, stunt all for the price of one!

Now for something a bit different. Steel Rats™ blends genres in a way no game has before, infusing 2.5D stunt bike, racing action with precise platforming and intense vehicular combat.

Drive and destroy!

Your motorcycle is your weapon in the fight against an invading horde of alien Junkbots. Combine up close melee combat and precise, deadly shooting with a ludicrous vehicular arsenal including wheel-mounted saw blades, harpoon guns, flame spewing exhausts. We’re sure you’ll find some juicy ways of using these tools to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Ride with style

Start your engine and master the realistic physics based controls of your bike to perform stunts and skillfully destroy Junkbots with a barrage of special abilities and weaponry. The more creative the destruction the better, ride up walls, backflip of the side of buildings and unleash havoc mid-air whilst riding upside down.

Dash and explore!

Discover the secrets of Coastal City and reveal the mystery of the Junkbot invasion. Explore each level, find every collectible, unlock new areas and dominate the leaderboard.

Steel Rats : Get It FREE For A Limited Time!


Steel Rats – Stylish Mayhem DLC

Wreck and ride through the streets of Coastal City with style! With Stylish Mayhem DLC you can get a special set of 4 unique skins (for each character and for his/her chromed roaring stallion).


Steel Rats + Stylish Mayhem : How To Get It FREE!

Steel Rats is FREE to add to your Steam account, as long as you get it before 5 April 2021, 1 AM (GMT+8).

  1. Log into your existing Steam account, or create a new account.
  2. Go to the Steel Rats page.
  3. Click on the green Add to Account button.
  4. Go to the Steel Rats – Stylish Mayhem page.
  5. Click on the green Download button.

That’s it! You now have Steel Rats in your Steam account, and you can download and play it anytime you want!


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