Steam Down? Why You May Not Have Noticed…

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Steam actually went down for a few hours, but not many people (relatively) realised it. Find out what happened, and why you did not even know Steam went down!


Steam Was Down???

Steam servers do go down, but not for very long – Steam always gets them back up and running fairly quickly.

That changed last night, when Steam went down for a couple of hours. However, many gamers probably didn’t realise it went down.

Steam Down? Why You May Not Have Noticed...


Why You Didn’t Notice Steam Was Down

Most gamers probably didn’t realise that Steam went down though, because only the Store and Community parts of Steam went down.

The Steam Library was unaffected, hence gamers generally did not notice anything. You will have no problem playing the games you already installed, or updating and installing games you own.

Steam Down? Why You May Not Have Noticed...

If the Steam Library went down – now that would have been big news.

The only people who realised that Steam was down was those who were surfing the Store for games, or accessing Community features like the Steam Workshop.

Don’t worry – you didn’t miss anything exciting LOL! But at least you now know enough to join the conversation when your friends ask you about Steam going down.


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