Steam Is Suddenly Banned Entirely In Vietnam!

Steam has suddenly been banned entirely in Vietnam! Here is what we know so far about this developing situation…


Steam Is Suddenly Banned Entirely In Vietnam!

Earlier this week, Steam appears to have been banned entirely across Vietnam, with Vietnamese players taking to Steam to complain about how Vietnamese internet service providers have blocked access to both the Steam app, and the Steam website.

Currently, neither the government of Vietnam, nor Steam, has commented on the matter. So it is unclear, at least officially, what led the Vietnamese government to ban Steam. However, it appears that domestic game publishers in Vietnam may be responsible for this ban…

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Possible Reasons Why Steam Was Banned In Vietnam!

According to a translated story on VietNamNet, domestic game publishers were more than a little annoyed that Steam was releasing thousands of titles into their market “without having to ask for permission”, which they saw as “an injustice”.

Less controversially, domestic game developers pointed out that they are required to censor violence and sexual content from their games, while Steam freely offers such uncensored games to Vietnamese gamers.

VietNamNet then suggested that a possible middle path might be to use a restricted version of Steam in Vietnam, like what was done for China, serving a much more limited number of game titles that the authorities have approved.

Steam is Valve’s video game distribution service launched in 2003 as a software application that automatically delivers games and was expanded to distribute third-party titles.

Talking to VietNamNet, many domestic game publishers believe that they are being treated unfairly, when the Steam platform is releasing more than 100,000 unlicensed computer (PC) games into the Vietnamese market.

It is unknown when Steam will be reinstated in Vietnam, if ever. What seems certain though is that Vietnamese gamers will not be able to access Steam in its current form…


A Possible Workaround To Access Steam In Vietnam!

Enterprising gamers have been able to bypass the ban on Steam in Vietnam by simply changing the DNS servers used by their computers, or routers.

Here is a quick guide on how to do that in Windows:

  1. Go to Network & Internet settings.
  2. Select the Change adapter options.
  3. Right click on your Wi-Fi or LAN connection, and select Properties.
  4. Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4, or select it and click Properties.
  5. Switch to Use the following DNS server addresses.
  6. Then key in the alternate DNS addresses from one of these excellent options:

Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

  1. After keying in the DNS servers you want, click OK, and you are done!


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