A Sneak Peek At The Sony PlayStation 5 Console!

Console gamers rejoice! Sony has just given us some details of the PlayStation 5! Here is a sneak peek of its key specifications… and what’s powering Sony’s next-generation console!


The Sony PlayStation 5

As the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) nears the end of its lifecycle since its release back in 2013, gamers the world over have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of its successor.

Sony was obviously working on a new gaming console to replace the PS4, but they have just confirmed that it will be coming soon.

Although it has yet to be officially named, gamers are already calling it the PlayStation 5… which makes sense unless Sony wants to skip a number (or a couple) like Apple, and call it the PlayStation X!

Sony Lead Architect Mark Cerny shared this exciting news with Wired magazine during a meeting which included a practical demo of the internal components of the Sony PlayStation 5, or officially … the next-generation Sony gaming console.

He emphasised how the next-generation Sony PlayStation will be a leap forward in Sony’s gaming technology, and not just a variant of the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Could this mean Sony is planning to actually skip a few numbers and call it the PlayStation X, instead of the PlayStation 5?


The Sony PlayStation 5 Specifications + Features

Here is what we know about the next-gen Sony gaming console, the erstwhile Sony PlayStation 5 :

High-Speed Solid State Drive (SSD)

The PlayStation 5 will use a high-speed SSD that Sony claims is 19X faster than a traditional SSD.

They did not specify the SSD they will use, but it will likely be two SSDs in RAID 0. Even multiple SSDs in RAID 0 like what WD did to create an 8TB SSD that was as fast as DDR4 memory!

The use of a fast SSD RAID array will be most welcomed, as it will allow for very fast loading of games that are already humongous in size!

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Customised AMD Navi GPU!

This is big news! Sony will use a customised GPU based on the upcoming AMD Navi architecture.

This next-generation AMD Radeon GPU will support for real-time ray tracing, so watch out for really awesome graphics!

8 Core AMD Ryzen Gen 3 CPU!

Powering the PlayStation 5 will be the upcoming AMD Ryzen Gen 3 CPU, with 8 cores based on the new AMD Zen 2 architecture.

Fabricated on the 7 nm process technology, it will offer greatly improved performance with lower power consumption.

The 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processor will also deliver virtual 3D audio without the need for a separate audio chip or extra speakers!

PlayStation 5 Compatibility With PS4 + PSVR

Another bit of welcomed news. The PlayStation 5 will be able to support and play PS4 and PSVR (PlayStation VR) games.

On top of that, it will not just support download only PS4 and PSVR games. It will support physical media as well.

8K TV Support

The Sony PlayStation 5 will support 8K TVs, so that when you upgrade your TV, it is ready to deliver 8K content right away!


Sony PlayStation 5 Price And Release Date

With such advanced features, it is expected that the suggested retail price will be in the region of US$ 500, or about £385 / €445 / RM 2,000.

Now the bad news – while they have already confirmed much of its hardware specifications, the PlayStation 5 will NOT be making its arrival this year.

Sony declined to give an indicative launch date, but industry experts predict that Sony will launch it either in 2020 or 2021, most probably before their rival, Microsoft, releases the next Xbox gaming console.

But if you are itching for something new, Atari will soon be unveiling the Atari VCS, which is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen R1000 APU!


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