The scrammunism DLC For scram F2P Game Is FREE!

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The scrammunism DLC worth US$4.99 for the scram free-to-play game is now FREE for a limited time! Go download it now, and tell your friends!



scram is a free-to-play, first-person shooter game developed by spleen. It is designed to appeal to the younger and older games, with crude humour, comedic designs and a variety of game styles.

The scrammunism DLC For scram F2P Game Is FREE!


In Evacuation, there are two teams – peasants and mutants. The peasants have to find a radio to call for a helicopter extraction, and fight off mutants until rescue arrives.

In the meantime, the mutants have special abilities, and it’s their job to stop the peasants from escaping!


Extermination is a hide and seek game. The government is hunting for you. You can either sneak into their armoury and steal guns to flip the tide, or find a hiding spot and wait it out!


Elimination is all about you. No one else is on your side, not even your fellow peasants! Find a weapon and make sure you don’t get blasted!


The scrammunism DLC

The scrammunism DLC allows you to customise your character, praise communion, and generally not look like everyone else.

Tip : You can use it to trick your fellow peasants into thinking you are a mutant!

Once you add the DLC, you will see a Customize button at the bottom :

Scremunism customise button

Click on it to customise your character!

Scremunism customisation screen

Once the free offer is over, these garb in scrammunism will become tradable and marketable inventory items :

  • a tanker helmet
  • a flapped ushanka
  • an unflapped ushanka
  • a gas mask
  • a creepy gas mask
  • a scrasmonaut helmet
  • a scrammunist steel pot
  • a scrammunist bra
  • a scrammunist scarf


How To Get scrammunism For Free!

  1. Go to the scram page, and download or add it to your account – Click on Play Game.
  2. Then, go to the scrammunism DLC page. You will still see it listed for sale at $4.99.
  3. Below the purchase option, you will see a Download button.
  4. Click on the Download button to download or add scrammunism to your account for FREE!


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