Royal Booty Quest : Find Out How To Get It FREE!

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Royal Booty Quest – a single-player card game – is FREE for a limited time!

Find out how to get it FREE, and make sure you tell your friends!

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Royal Booty Quest is FREE for a limited time!

Royal Booty Quest is a rogue-like card game that fuses both genres to create a single-player deck building game.

Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, slay monsters, forge new cards and boil new potions. Every bit will help.

Machines enter a casual arena brawler, using guns, bombs, lasers and melee combo combat.
Everything is physics-based using fast paced agile double-jump movement.

  • 6 Heroes, each with own 70+ cards deck
  • 100+ Pixel-art Heroes, Enemies and epic Bosses
  • Modding and custom decks
  • It does not require the Internet to play, or have a time-limit.

Royal Booty Quest : Find Out How To Get It FREE!


Royal Booty Quest : How To Get It For FREE!

You need to follow these steps precisely to get Royal Booty Quest for FREE :

  1. Register for a Steam account, if you have not already done so.
  2. Launch the Steam client, and log into your Steam account
  3. Click on this link, and you will get a pop-up message – Do you want to allow this page to open “Steam”?
  4. Click on Allow.
  5. The Steam client will launch the installation page. If you prefer to install later, click Cancel.

That’s it! You should find Royal Booty Quest listed in your Library.


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