Robocraft X | Gamecraft : Find Out How To Get It FREE!

Robocraft X – a game maker which will soon be renamed as Gamecraft – is FREE for a Limited Time!

Get Robocraft X for FREE now, and you will own Gamecraft when it’s launched! Make sure you tell your friends!

Robocraft X | Gamecraft : Find Out How To Get It FREE!


Robocraft X | Gamecraft is FREE for a Limited Time!

Robocraft X | Gamecraft is a game maker, where you can build your own physics games from blocks and components within the game itself, without the need to write code.

You can also play many games that have been created and shared by other players within the RCX community.

When Freejam converts Robocraft X into Gamecraft, it will include these new features :

Full Self-Publishing

Freejam integrated the Steam Workshop API into Gamecraft, so that Gamecrafters can create games and self-publish them for the Gamecraft community to play.

You’ll be able self-publish from within the game with simple button clicks without having to manually manage files or visit the Workshop in Steam itself, so it will be easy and painless to share games.

Text Block

Gamecraft will include a new Block called the Text Block, which allows you to put text on anything you want in your games at any scale and with loads of options for formatting the text.

Using Rich Text tags (a bit like HTML tags), you’ll be able to configure font size, bold, italic, text alignment, etc.

You’ll be able to write small text on a single block to label controls like Levers, and you’ll be able to scale up hugs Text Blocks to have enormous text for huge signs etc.

Console Block

They will also be adding the Console Block, which will allow Gamecrafters to trigger console commands via electricity signals on our unique circuitry system.

So, if you want a Lever to change the Gravity, you can do it by linking the Lever to the Console Block. If you want a Trigger to Teleport a player, you can do it via the Console Block.

Trigger Blocks

Triggers block are going to be in the release as well. You’ll get special Trigger Volumes that you can add to your games which can trigger when Objects or Characters enter them.

Using the triggers and the unique electricity system in Gamecraft, you can use Triggers to make Motors spin, Pistons extend, and even trigger Console Commands.

You’ll be able to do crazy stuff like Teleport a player when he walks into a room, or make everything float with negative gravity when the player drives a car through a checkpoint.


Robocraft X | Gamecraft : How To Get It FREE!

On 24 October 2019, Freejam will convert their free game maker Robocraft X into a paid game maker called Gamecraft, that will retail for US$5.

However, if you download Robocraft X before 24 October 2019, you will get to keep Robocraft X / Gamecraft forever!


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