Free Raw Fury Goodie Pack Appears To Be A Stunt!

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The Raw Fury Goodie Pack giveaway appears to be nothing more than a marketing stunt!

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Raw Fury Goodie Pack

GOG is giving away the Rawcember Goodie Pack, which offers the chance to get all the games from indie game developer, Raw Fury.

Dive into a visual wonderland with this special Goodie Pack! Unwrap exclusive wallpapers and concept art from your favourite Raw Fury’s games.

Five fortunate players will have the chance to receive an exclusive Goodie Pack, complete with a concealed key hidden within one of the assets. This key will grant access to Raw Fury’s entire game collection on GOG. Don’t miss your shot at unlocking it!

You can grab the Rawcember Goodie Pack and try to hunt the keys until December 13th, 2 PM UTC!

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Raw Fury Goodie Pack Appears To Be A Stunt!


Raw Fury Goodie Pack Appears To Be A Stunt!

Unfortunately, many people have complained that the Raw Fury Rawcember Goodie Pack was misleading,… a marketing stunt that was over in minutes.

Frungi : Just so no one’s misled: Every copy of this contains the same five download codes. They were all redeemed within twelve minutes.

Evaneself : I don’t want to participate in this crap. A few won and the rest are laughed at. If the players support this bad practice, it will continue. We have jobs and we are busy. We don’t have time for your nonsense. We are not animals for you to throw scraps over the fence and laugh at those who didn’t get it, to make us feel stupid or to get angry with each other! Shame!

0RoosterBoy0 : You don’t “win” any keys at all, every copy has the same 5 keys that were instantly redeemed by no-lifers.

Smoclers : This is the worst kind of misleading, dishonest, promotional garbage. If I could, I would turn back time to not participate in it. You should all be ASHAMED to be involved in this. I am seriously reconsidering any interest I have in this companies games, or GoG in general, after this.

THX1342 : The keys are just plastered on a couple of images and apparently the same keys for everyone; so it’s just a matter of first come first serve. That is not made explicit before you “sign up” to trade your data for the potential of getting keys; which obviously is making people feel cheated (because they were; they never had a chance of getting the keys in the first place). A better execution would be to randomly give keys to people and be transparent about the process.

pomod : You download and unzip it and get…. …a folder with 80 png, jpg and gif files. THAT’S IT!!! There is no need to waist your time on this. Sorry gog, but this action probably backfired. 😉 


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