Paint Chips : How To Get This Game For FREE!

Paint Chips – a 2D multiplayer top-down shooter game – is FREE for a limited time!

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Paint Chips

Paint Chips is a free-to-play online 2D multiplayer top-down shooter where you splatter your foes with paint! Unlock character customization options as you play and choose a look that suits your style. You can go solo or group up with your friends and paint it up together!

  • Up to 8 players can battle it out across various unique maps and gametypes.
  • 300+ character customization options to give you a unique look!
  • Earn Chips as you play, spend them on your favorite items in the shop!
  • Complete daily challenges that award you with extra Chips.
  • Host custom private matches with your friends, or test your skill against some bots!
  • Vote for your favorite map and gametype before a match begins.
  • Fight for the top spot on the weekly leaderboard.

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  • 3 Playlists that change how teams are set up:
    • FFA – No teams
    • Team – 4 vs 4 battles
    • Doubles – 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 battles
  • 6 gametypes to change the way each match plays out:
    • Paintmatch – Regular painting and chipping
    • Shockets – Everyone spawns with rocket launchers and shotguns
    • Swipers – Everyone spawns with swords and snipers
    • Sprinkbows – Everyone spawns with sprinklers and paintbows
    • Blasterfight – Everyone spawns with blasters
    • Mystery – Everyone spawns with random weapons


Paint Chips : How To Get It FREE!

Paint Chips is currently a free game, but its developer will make it a paid game on 1 October 2023. If you get it before it becomes a paid game, it will be yours to keep for free, and forever!

With a lot of internal discussion we’ve decided to transition to a paid model starting October 1st, 2023. The game will cost $14.99.

For those who haven’t yet downloaded the game, starting on October 1st, a one-time purchase will be required for new players. If you add the game to your Steam library before the transition date, you will own the game for free!

  1. Log into your existing Steam account, or create a new account.
  2. Go to the Paint Chips page on Steam.
  3. Click on the Play Game button.

That’s it! It has now been added to your Steam account, and you can download and install it anytime after this.


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