NVIDIA Ray Tracing Techniques – Showcase + Explanation!

NVIDIA just briefed us on their ray tracing methods, with four animations to better demonstrate them. Join us for a primer on how these ray tracing techniques can greatly enhance your gaming experience!


NVIDIA @ GDC 2019 – Real-Time Ray Tracing, DXR + More!

Ever since NVIDIA introduced real-time ray tracing with their GeForce RTX graphics cards, they have working hard to promote real-time ray tracing.

Just last month, they announced these exciting ray tracing news at GDC 2019 :

  • Unreal Engine and Unity will support real-time ray tracing features!
  • GeForce GTX graphics cards will support real-time ray tracing!
  • They introduced GameWorks RTX – a comprehensive set of tools and rendering techniques to help game developers add real-time ray tracing to their games.
  • New games that showcase real-time ray tracing, like Dragonhound and Quake II RTX


NVIDIA Ray Tracing Techniques Explained!

First, we have Tony Tamasi (Vice President of NVIDIA Technical Marketing) explaining the ray tracing methods that NVIDIA uses.

They also shared four animations with us, which we used to create this ray tracing showcase :


GeForce GTX Now Supports Ray Tracing!

At GDC 2019, NVIDIA announced that they would be adding ray tracing support to Pascal-based GeForce GTX graphics cards.

Today, that promise has been realised with the introduction of a new NVIDIA Game Ready Driver!

This new driver allows GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or higher GPUs to execute ray-tracing instructions on traditional shader cores, albeit at lower RT quality settings and resolutions.

They also announced that these GeForce GPUs are now DXR-capable :

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And laptops with equivalent Pascal and Turing-architecture GPUs!


NVIDIA Ray Tracing Presentation Slides

For those who want more information, here is the complete set of NVIDIA’s ray tracing presentation slides :


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