Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Get Palamute Armor!

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The Palamute Layered Armour Set for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is FREE for a limited time!

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The world of Monster Hunter Rise gets bigger and deeper with this massive expansion featuring new monsters, new locales and more!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Get Palamute Armor!

A new adventure in a distant land

Renowned as the “Fierce Flame of Kamura” since the events of Monster Hunter Rise, you must set sail to uncover the cause of a terrible threat facing a kingdom across the sea!

New enemies arrive, old foes return

Arriving in Elgado Outpost, you discover that the abnormal events threatening this kingdom are caused by Malzeno, Lunagaron and Garangolm – terrifying monsters known locally as the Three Lords. In addition to these new enemies, You must also face old foes as series monsters not featured in Monster Hunter Rise make their return!

Deeper gameplay

Your trusty Wirebug returns and is more useful than ever, with the addition of new abilities for all 14 weapon types that bring a new level of flexibility and depth to the hunting action.

A colourful cast of characters

Your new base of operations features a variety of locals to interact with, each with their own charming personality. Sometimes they will need your hunter’s help, and sometimes they will be the ones who help you out!


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Get Palamute Armor!

The “Velkhana Costume” Palamute Layered Armor allows your Palamute to dress up as Velkhana,
the Elder Dragon coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in its fourth free title update.

This additional content includes:

  • “Velkhana Costume Head” Palamute layered armor piece
  • “Velkhana Costume Body” Palamute layered armor piece

Turn your Palamute into a Velkhana! Dress up your buddy with this special layered armor!

  • Palamute layered armor can be used in the Layered Armor Settings menu of the Buddy Board.
  • This set changes your Palamute’s entire look and cannot be applied to individual body parts.
  • Layered armor is a “skin” which changes the appearance of the character without affecting their stats and abilities.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak : How To Get Palamute Armor!

Make sure you follow these steps to get the “Velkhana Costume” Palamute Layered Armor Set for FREE!

  1. Log into your existing Steam account, or create a new account.
  2. Go to the Monster Hunter Rise – “Velkhana Costume” Palamute layered armour set page on Steam.
  3. Click on the Download button.

That’s it! The free Velkhana Costume – Palamute layered armor set DLC is now in your Steam account, and you can download and install it anytime you want!

Note : This DLC requires Monster Hunter Rise and the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC to use!


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