The Minotaur – How To Get This Game For FREE!

The Minotaur, an indie maze game inspired by the MS-DOS classic, The Beast, is FREE for a limited time!

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The Minotaur is FREE for a limited time!

Four humans have been put to test by the Gods of the Ancient Greece, they shall face the minotaurs in the labyrinth.

To survive, the must show their wisdom and solve the traps inside the labyrinth, all while avoiding the minotaurs.

Their goal is to reach the last room, where the exit will be shown and they can finally be free.

Playing The Minotaur you will feel the nostalgia for those old school games where your only goal was to get as far as possible or the highest score.

The game also has full gamepad compatibility, so do not worry if you don’t like playing on keyboard 😉

The Minotaur also includes several game modes:

It’s the classic mode, where the player has to fight his way through 30 levels with increasing difficulty, including different minotaurs, minotaur eggs, etc.

Time Attack
Similar to Arcade, the player needs to finish the level all 30 levels in a certain amount of time. Killing the minotaurs or their eggs will grant extra time.

If you think you beat the game, try this mode with the endless levels. Really, this mode never end!

One Life
You are the untouchable human? Demonstrate that with this mode where you die by one hit.

Local Co-op
If you have trouble defeating the beasts, ask a friend for help! Or a family member, or maybe even your dog can help you. Up to four players, so the more the merrier.

Local VS
This game mode allows the players to fight against themselves. Great for challenging your friends and competing to be the very best, or simply relax by killing your acquaintances.

Players will need to find their ways through a series of hand-made levels. Some of them might even have only four blocks to kill the minotaurs (ง︡’-‘︠)ง.

Level Editor
Tired of playing the classic levels? Bored by the challenges? No problem, you will be able to create your own level maps.


How To Get The Minotaur For Free!

The Minotaur is currently available for free on Steam. You will need to install the Steam launcher to install and play this game.

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  1. Go to The Minotaur Steam page.
  2. Scroll to the Play The Minotaur section.
  3. Click on the Play Game button.
  4. You will be asked to log into your Steam account, if you are not already logged in.
    If you do not yet have a Steam account, you will need to register for one (it’s free!)
  5. Once you add it to your library, you can download it at anytime.


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