Minecraft Gets FREE Way of the Bee Map!

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Mojang just announced that they’re giving away a free Minecraft map – Way of the Bee! Go download this free map and have a buzzy time this holiday season!


Minecraft Gets FREE Way of the Bee Map!

For this holiday season, Mojang is giving away a free Minecraft map called Way of the Bee, created by the Razzleberries team.

Minecraft Gets FREE Way of the Bee Map!

Mojang’s Tom Stone asked their studio lead, Mariana Graham for some information on the old timer dressed as a bee in the map :

Mariana said, “Some say he’s not touched the ground in over a decade, and that his tongue is three feet long. All we know is he’s called the bee scientist!

The bee scientist took his love of bees to extremes by choosing to live among his favourite flower-feeders instead of other humans, learning their ways, tending their hives and eating their honey.

He’s far from happy about the state of Poppy Isle, where bees have all but died out, and thus is ecstatic to see someone from there taking an interest in bees and trying to re-introduce them!”

Minecraft Way of the Bee Scientist

To meet the bee scientist, go to the Minecraft Marketplace on your platform of choice, and help yourself to the Way of the Bee map!

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Minecraft Way of the Bee Map : How To Get It

As of today, you can download the free Way of the Bee map for all versions of Minecraft with a Minecraft Marketplace :

  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10
  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • PlayStation 4 (it’s called store, instead of Minecraft Marketplace)


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