Magic: The Gathering VR Art Exhibition : Don’t Miss It!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to check out Magic: The Gathering VR Art Exhibition, which ends in a few days!


Magic: The Gathering VR Art Exhibition : Don’t Miss It!

Wizards of the Coast just launched “Magic: The Gathering Virtual Art Exhibition – 83 Artists Who Drew The World of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty“.

Available across selected Asian countries, this Virtual Reality (VR) Exhibition allows you to experience the futuristic sci-fi plane of Kamigawa and enjoy the artwork and gameplay developed for the new set.

This interactive art exhibition can also be enjoyed online on a PC (Windows only), or using your own VR headset!

2022 Magic: The Gathering VR Art Exhibition : Don't Miss It!

You can actively enjoy the art from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty through VR and gameplay elements, while interacting with other participants around the world remotely.

  • The coming-to-life concept art locations from the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty story,
  • a new art viewing experience,
  • a 3D experience where players can summon creatures from cards to life,
  • a gallery with over 30 items of unpublished materials from the Wizards of the Coast Development Studio World Guide, and
  • a community gathering area for players to meet up virtually.

The VR art exhibition also features 134 pieces of card art from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty drawn by 83 artists. Among the famed artists are Tetsuo Hara (“Fist of the North Star”), Yoji Shinkawa (Art Director of KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Co., Ltd.), Katsuya Terada (character designer of “Kamen Rider W”) and others.

  • 01 Kaito_Shizuki_EN
  • 02 Kaito_Shizuki_Art_Card_2_EN
  • 03 Satoru_Umezawa_EN
  • 04 Satoru_Umezawa_Art_Card_EN
  • 05 Tamiyo_Compleated_Sage_EN
  • 06 Tamiyo_Compleated_Sage_Art_Card_EN


Magic: The Gathering VR Art Exhibition : Where To Catch It?

The Magic: The Gathering VR Art Exhibition will end on 24 February 2022, so make sure you hurry!

Here in Malaysia, you can catch it  at selected Wizards Play Network (WPN) stores in the Klang Valley.

You can also catch it online here, but note that this online VR experience will only work with :

  • Windows PC
  • Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest 2)
  • Oculus Rift 2 / Rift S
  • HTC Vive / Vive Pro 1 / Vive Pro 2

And here’s a nice bonus – those who visit the exhibition will stand a chance to win a B2-sized poster signed by Tetsuo Hara!

The five lucky winners will be selected randomly upon completing the entry requirements.


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