KartRider Drift : Get Free Lucci Coupon Code!

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The KartRider Drift team is giving away a free coupon code for 5,000 Lucci for a limited time!

Find out how to get it FREE, and make sure you TELL your friends!

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KartRider Drift

KartRider: Drift is the only free-to-play, cross-platform kart racer with arcade thrills, and the fastest drift fueled skilled competition. With deep kart and character customization in stunning high-definition, fun and chaos awaits you on the track.

Challenge your friends across platforms with no barriers, no paywalls, and no pay-to-win elements preventing you from having a great time while topping the leaderboards. Created from the ground up for dynamic online gameplay, there are huge content updates every season.

KartRider Drift : Get Free Lucci Coupon Code!

Race together anytime and anywhere! KartRider: Drift is easy to pick up and play across PC, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile devices with no paywalls. With local play and online features, there’s always a way for you to play completely free with friends across the globe.

Take control by having the freedom to completely personalize your ride. Endlessly customize your character to fit your own unique personality and design the perfect kart to cross the finish line and top the leaderboards in style.

Elevate your game through the fastest and most competitive multiplayer sprints in kart racing, experiencing Speed Mode. Push yourself to the limit with Speed Mode’s precise controls, advanced drifting system, and highly skilled gameplay.

Or experience the chaotic and always surprising Item Mode. Take out your opponents with items such as rocket launchers, water bombs and even UFOs. Whichever mode you choose, first place is waiting for you!

More than any other kart racing title, KartRider: Drift is a living, online multiplayer game that is always adding new karts, characters, skins, tracks, and customization options plus huge seasonal content drops. Keep your garage stocked and your skills sharp as the game grows over time!


KartRider Drift : How To Get Free Lucci Coupon Code!

The KartRider Drift team is giving away a free coupon code for 5,000 Lucci, which can be redeemed in-game on any platform – PlayStation, Xbox, Android, PC (Windows) and iOS.

Make sure you follow these steps to get the 5,000 Lucci for FREE before May 11, 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC.

  1. Install KartRider Drift (Steam), which is a free-to-play game.
  2. On non-iOS devices, go to Settings > Manage Account > Apply Coupon.
    On iOS devices, go to Web Coupon Page.
  3. Key in this coupon code : F481NKBRIYS5

That’s it! You now have 5,000 Lucci in your KartRider Drift account!

Note : You can only redeem t his coupon code once per account.


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