Gyossait Deluxe Edition : Get It FREE For A Limited Time!

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Gyossait Deluxe Edition – a critically-acclaimed horror platform game – is FREE for a limited time!

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Gyossait Deluxe Edition is FREE for a limited time!

A long time ago, a god named Oyeatia created mankind as a masterpiece gift for the Goddess of Earth, Gyossait.

Sadly, the goddess saw the new species’ neglect of her planet as an offense to her, and killed millions in a devastating cataclysm.

Oyeatia, in turn driven into a rage by her behavior, attacks his beloved, tears her apart, and buries her essence deep within the core of the planet, trapping it inside a prison that no god can ever reach – not even him.

Gyossait Deluxe Edition : Get It FREE For A Limited Time!

This turns out to not have been the best of ideas, as Oyeatia is eventually overcome with regret and loneliness after having slaughtered his beloved.

He wishes to be together with her once more, but how, when no god can ever reach her underground prison? Simple : by surrendering his own immortality and seeking her out as a simple mortal.

But Oyeatia’s quest will not be easy. On the way to Gyossait, he must travel through a post-apocalyptic, crumbling world, tortured and tormented by what remains of Gyossait.

Not only must he battle his way through hordes of humans maddened and mutated in the wake of Gyossait’s cataclysm, but it would be foolish to assume the goddess herself would not harbor some resentment towards him after their little clash.

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And a new god, Uzaza, has taken center stage in the world, and is more than a little pissed at Oyeatia…

The Deluxe Edition of Gyossait includes :

  • Complete MP3 soundtrack, including unused tracks.
  • Art Gallery featuring works from various artists and unused visual elements.
  • An early prototype of Gyossait, and the un-released prequel, Uzaza.
  • Development Trivia.
  • Three extra games – Au Sable, All Of Our Friends Are Dead, and The Hunt.


Gyossait Deluxe Edition : How To Get It For FREE!

Gyossait Deluxe Edition is a DRM-free download for Windows.

  1. You need an account, so sign up for a new account, or log into your account.
  2. Go to the Gyossait Deluxe Edition page on
  3. Click on the Download or claim button.
  4. Once it’s added to your account, you can download and install it at any time.


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