GameGuru Is FREE For A Limited Time! Get It NOW!

GameGuru, a fun, non-technical game maker worth $19.99 is now FREE for a limited time! Get it NOW, before the offer expires… and SHARE this news!



GameGuru is a fun, non-technical game maker that allows you to build your own game world using its built-in tools.

You can populate your game with characters, weapons and other items, press a single button to build your game, and you are ready to play and share your game!

GameGuru Is FREE For A Limited Time

When you first launch GameGuru, it may appear to be a simple level editor, but it’s actually crammed with lots of tools you will need to make your own game, including :

  • a character creator,
  • a model importer,
  • a building maker,
  • complete scripting language, and
  • over 6GB of complimentary game assets to get you started!

GameGuru promises to be as easy as any other in-game level editor. But unlike game level editors, you get to save the game you created and even sell it!


GameGuru Is FREE For A Limited Time!

From now until 18 March 2019, The Game Creators is giving it away on Steam! All you have to do is log into Steam and click “Add to Account“.

They are also offering the GameGuru Fantasy Bundle at a 50% discount. It consists of GameGuru + Fantasy Pack + Mega Pack 2.


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