23 FREE Minecraft Items To Own, As Of 1 December 2020!

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Free Minecraft Item #17 : Lumen City Challenge

Where To Download : Get it here!

Design, build and manage your own entire city in Lumen City Challenge. Keep an eye on pollution levels whilst growing your city population to create the greatest city you can!

  • Single-player city building game!
  • Collect taxes and upgrade buildings
  • Choose your energy sources wisely!

Free Minecraft Item #18 : Minecraft Texture Update Beta

Where To Download : Get it here!

The extraordinary Minecraft Texture Update has been on the Java Edition in beta for quite a while and now It’s finally on Bedrock!

We’re renovating the old textures of Minecraft and polishing them up for a new beginning. Don’t panic! This won’t completely overhaul the look of Minecraft – these new textures just give it a much-needed update!

Minecraft Texture Update

Free Minecraft Item #19 : Mount Olympus

Where To Download : Get it here!

Roleplay as your favorite Greek deity! Climb Mount Olympus, delve into the Underworld, or explore the docks.

Discover powerful enchanted weapons forged by the gods. Greek myths come to life in this multiplayer-friendly survival spawn!

  • 9 free skins and 100+ textures
  • Underworld dungeon
  • Fully furnished city with 50+ buildings

Minecraft free experience - Mount Olympus

Free Minecraft Item #20 : Inspiration Island

Where To Download : Get it here!

Visit Inspiration Island, a floating theme park world filled with creative challenges.

Whether you are new to Creative Mode or just need a little extra inspiration, a visit here sets you on the path to craft your own groundbreaking worlds.

By the time you leave the island, you’ll be a true blue creator, armed with loads of skills to make awesome things!

Minecraft Inspiration Island

Free Minecraft Item #21 : Norse Mythology Bonus Skins

Where To Download : Get it here!

Need a mini-horde of Vikings to get your midwinter festival started? Have these free Norse Mythology skins and party till Ragnarök. Skål!

Minecraft Norse Mythology Skins

Free Minecraft Item #22 : Legacy Skin Pack

Where To Download : Get it here!

Get cracking with these starter skins and old favorites brought over from Minecraft editions of yore. Widen your wardrobe, turn out in a tux, or rock it as a croc!

Minecraft Legacy Skin Pack

Free Minecraft Item #23 : Lumen Power Challenge

Where To Download : Get it here!

The town of Lumen is losing power! Learn all about energy as you solve the town’s problems in this fun, educational map.

Explore methods of power generation such as wind, solar and nuclear, then test your knowledge by taking the energy quiz!


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