23 FREE Minecraft Items To Own, As Of 1 December 2020!

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Free Minecraft Item #9 : The Human Eye

Where To Download : Get it here!

Explore the inner workings of the human eye with this scientific model. Observe how light reflecting from objects and entering the eye allows objects to be seen.

Use this world as inspiration to think about how you might create other natural systems or parts of the human body to bring biology to life.

Minecraft free experience - Human Eye

Free Minecraft Item #10 : Minecraft X Uniqlo Skin Pack

Where To Download : Get it here!

Let’s celebrate the new Minecraft x Uniqlo UT T-Shirt collection with this free Marketplace skin pack!

This skin pack features the 7 new t-shirt designs as well as some other fun surprises. Embark on your future adventures in UT style!

Minecraft free skins - Uniqlo

Free Minecraft Item #11 : 57Digital Christmas Skin Pack

Where To Download : Get it here!

Hello lovely Minecrafter! As a way of saying thanks for supporting us and all the talented Minecraft Marketplace teams… we’ve made an extra special skin pack for you!

Wear these six hand-crafted Christmas gift skins with pride and stay awesome. Merry Christmas!

Minecraft free skins - Christmas

Free Minecraft Item #12 : Safari World

Where To Download : Get it here!

Immerse yourself in a land of rare species with Safari World! Study animals in need of help and capture a moment in time with your very own camera.

Be careful though, don’t fall prey to the panther, lynx, or even the cheetah!

  • Discover 35 animals within their natural habitats
  • Find and listen to 30 unique audio files for each creature
  • Includes a safari bus and buggy

Free Minecraft Item #13 : Summer Beach Party

Where To Download : Get it here!

The best way to kick off summer is a party on the beach! These skins make chilling out on the sand well within your reach. Take to the surf and ride a wave or be the lifeguard and act really brave.

When the music starts, it’s time to dance, so don’t be shy, this is your chance. Now is the time to enjoy the sun, summer fun has just begun!

Minecraft free skins - Summer Beach Party

Free Minecraft Item #14 : Marine Biologist Roleplay

Where To Download : Get it here!

Dive into the exciting life of a marine biologist! Explore several ocean biomes while discovering amazing creatures.

  • Peaceful scavenger hunt based gameplay
  • 20 new aquatic animals
  • Drivable submarine
  • 16 hidden collectibles
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Detailed roleplay lab and aquarium

Free Minecraft Item #15 : The Traveling Trader

Where To Download : Get it here!

Trade us absolutely nothing, in return, we’ll give you a Traveling Trader adventure!

Explore multiple villages, meet a cast of delightful villagers, and learn terrific new trades. Do we have a deal?

  • The Pillager outpost has attacked – help the poor village it pillaged!
  • Save the kidnapped villager from the Pillager Stronghold!
  • Trade, trade, and trade some more.

Free Minecraft Item #16 : Classic Texture Pack

Where To Download : Get it here!

The classic Minecraft look you know and love! Why not try both packs and compare them yourself?

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