Fallout 76 Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin Has Died… :(

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The lead designer for Fallout 76 and the Dragon Age series – Ferret Baudoin – died suddenly on October 15, 2022…


Fallout 76 Lead Designer, Ferret Baudoin, Has Died… ūüôĀ

Bethesda Softworks senior designer Eric “Ferret” Baudoin, who was the lead designer on Fallout 76 and the Dragon Age series, has died.

According to a Facebook tribute page, he “passed suddenly”, “surrounded by his family” on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Help keep the Lore Keeper’s lore alive. On October 15, 2022, legendary game designer Ferret Baudoin passed suddenly. He is surrounded by his family. He loved real life as much as games. He was a devoted husband, father, brother, and son.

It also asked that Baudoin’s fans help his children go to college by donating to “buy Ferret Baudoin a coffee“.

Fallout 76 Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin Has Died... :(

In Ferret Baudoin’s long career, he has touched the lives of many gamers through the games he worked on:

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (designer)

  • Dragon Age: Origins (Leader Designer/Writer)

  • Dragon Age II (Lead Designer/Writer)

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (Designer).

  • He also worked for Black Isle and Obsidian and had been designer on the cancelled Fallout Van Buren title.

  • After joining Bethesda he served as Quest Designer & Writer on Fallout 4 and was also a Senior Designer on the yet to be released Starfield.

Eric chose to be credited as Ferret Baudoin as his preferred name. One Redditor claimed that Baudoin was already using that nickname in 1989 when he was a college freshman, but was very secretive about its meaning or origins.

I lived in the dorm room next to him for three years and he was best man at my wedding, and I don’t know where it came from,” they wrote. “I do know he had fun with it when he visited Ireland. At the time there was a fad in the country that involved shoving a ferret down your trousers, and he used it as a pick-up line!

Ferret Baudoin was with Bethesda Softworks for 10 years, before his untimely demise.

Fallout 76


Eric Ferret Baudoin Died From Complications Of Cancer Surgery

Before the antivax ghouls come out to blame his sudden death on the COVID-19 vaccines, let me just say it right now – Ferret Baudoin died from complications of cancer surgery.

His cause of death was NOT the COVID-19 vaccine, but complications encountered during a surgery he underwent for his cancer.

Baudoin’s sister revealed that it was “painless for him”, and Ferret was “in very good spirits” before the surgery, and that he was “surrounded by family and friends”.

Credit goes to Redditor ken4656¬†who spoke directly to Baudoin’s family, and found out more about his untimely passing:

His passing was sudden and stemmed from complications from cancer surgery. Many of us have had cancer visit close to home and can empathize how hard this fight is. In the words of his sister, “fortunately it was painless, and he was in very good spirits. Surrounded by family and friends.”

His family only now through the outpouring of support from colleagues and fans alike in gaming how impactful his work was. His children are still young, and he only had 11 years with them. At the very least we wanted them to know what their Dad did, today and years from now when they look back on his legacy in gaming.

The family is asking that donations be to his children’s college fund, or the American Cancer Society.

Fallout 76 Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin Has Died... :(


Fans Leaving Memorial Messages In Fallout 76 For Ferret Baudoin

Some of Ferret Baudoin’s fans have started to leave memorial messages in Fallout 76 for him.

They are being asked to share those tributes on social media with the hashtag #ThanksFerret, so his sister can collect them to share with his family.

Here is a selection of his fans’ messages in Fallout 76:

  • Eric Ferret Baudoin tribute 01
  • Eric Ferret Baudoin tribute 02
  • Eric Ferret Baudoin tribute 03
  • Eric Ferret Baudoin tribute 04
  • Eric Ferret Baudoin tribute 05
  • Eric Ferret Baudoin tribute 06


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