Fallen – How To Get This Platform Game For FREE!

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Fallen, a platform arcade game, is now FREE for a limited time! Find out how to get it FREE before the offer expires, and tell your friends!


Fallen – A Challenging + Fun Platform Game!

Your son fell into a cave. You are the father and you must rescue your son!

Play the father who has to fight monsters, ghosts and deadly animals in three worlds to save your son!

Fallen - How To Get This Platform Game For FREE!

Fallen supports local multiplayer, which allows up to four players simultaneously!

  • Partial Controller Support
  • Story Rich Single Player
  • Many Dangerous Enemies
  • Epic Boss Battles
  • Seven Local Multiplayer Modes
  • 50+ Multiplayer Maps
  • Many Hours Of Fun

Fallen game sample 01

There are seven multiplayer modes in fallen. Each mode contain its own unique maps.

  1. Bat Hunting
  2. Head Hunters
  3. Last Man standing
  4. King Of the Hill
  5. Death Race
  6. Ground Control
  7. Pick That Pumpkin

Fallen game sample 02


Fallen – How To Get It For FREE!

BT Studios is offering Fallen for FREE for a very limited time, and it is a DRM-free download!

  1. You need an itch.io account, so sign up for a new account, or log into your itch.io account.
  2. Go to the Fallen page on itch.io.
  3. Click on the Download or claim button.
  4. Once it’s added to your itch.io account, you can download and install it at any time.


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