CRSED, Enlisted, Mordhau + Warface Now Support NVIDIA Reflex!

NVIDIA just announced that CRSED, Enlisted, Mordhau and Warface have just been updated to support NVIDIA Reflex!

Find out what NVIDIA Reflex is all about, and how it improves responsiveness in those four games!


NVIDIA Reflex : What Is It?

NVIDIA describes Reflex as “a revolutionary suite of GPU, G-SYNC display and software technologies” that measure and reduce system latency.

The key to this technology is the NVIDIA Reflex SDK – a new set of APIs for game developers. Once integrated into a game, it adjusts the game engine work to eliminate the GPU render queue, and reduce CPU back pressure.

Like NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency (NULL) mode, Reflex prevents the CPU from processing faster than the GPU, eliminating extra frames from being queued up for rendering, which would normally increase render latency.

The difference really is this – by integrating with the game, the NVIDIA graphics driver can control the amount of back pressure the CPU receives from the render queue and other later stages of the pipeline.

This makes NVIDIA Reflex superior to NULL, but only with games that integrate the SDK.


CRSED, Enlisted, Mordhau + Warface Now Support NVIDIA Reflex!

NVIDIA announced that CRSED, Enlisted, Mordhau and Warface just added support for NVIDIA Reflex.

After you update those games, you will get to enjoy lower system latencies with your NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.


CRSED, Enlisted, Mordhau + Warface : How Much Faster With NVIDIA Reflex?

CRSED is a free-to-play multiplayer last-man-standing shooter game, that was released in December 2019.

NVIDIA Reflex reduces its latency by 23%.

Enlisted is an online squad-based first-person MMO shooter that covers World War II battles.

By adding NVIDIA Reflex, it reduces system latency by up to 20% for GeForce graphics cards.

Mordhau is an 80-player medieval PvP and co-op slasher game, where players take charge of mercenaries in brutal hand-to-hand combat.

Now that Mordhau supports NVIDIA Reflex, system latency for GeForce gamers is reduced by up to 41%.

Warface is a free-to-play, online first-person shooter game with millions of players.

With this new update, Warface reduces system latency by up to 22%.


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