Digital Eclipse Arcade QPID : How To Get It FREE!

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Digital Eclipse is giving away its upcoming arcade game QPID for a Limited Time!

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Digital Eclipse Arcade QPID

Happy Valentine’s Day! QPID. is the latest release from Digital Eclipse Arcade, a series of all-new games inspired by classic ’80s arcade vibes.

Like everyone else on the internet, QPID loves cats. Unfortunately, the cats that the Quadrangular Programmable Inversion Device has been sworn to protect have gotten themselves into places they shouldn’t be.

With nerves of steel and a heart of gold, QPID is determined to rescue as many of them as possible, even if he has to bend the laws of physics to do it. Toggle gravity, blast enemies, avoid hazards, and collect cats before your battery runs out. Part platformer, part puzzler, QPID delivers a hero who’s state of the heart.

Digital Eclipse Arcade QPID : How To Get It FREE!


  • Flip gravity to move objects, enemies, and obstacles
  • Rescue cats on each level
  • Collect all hearts for a perfect score
  • Keep QPID juiced with charging stations

Hazards & Helpers

  • LOLLIDROPS aren’t tasty — they’re nasty. These mines will explode when you get near, but they won’t be triggered by swapping gravity.
  • HEARTACHERS demand their personal space; get too close to these shuffling scorpions, and they’ll zap you. They also devour hearts!
  • BEAM UPS shoot deadly laser light straight out when they’re activated — but you can flip their switches when you flip the gravity.
  • WUVLIES make their way the only way they know how: End over end. You can blast these flipping foes, but beware — shortly after being incapacitated, they explode!
  • BIG CRUSHERS do exactly what their name implies: They crush (on) you big time. Don’t get trapped beneath them!
  • HEARTIANS attack in swarms when disturbed and slow you down, so be ready to blast them all before they reach you.
  • SPEED ROLLERS give you a turbo boost. Walk through a light-blue column and get ready for a rapid ride!
  • BOUNCE PADS put a spring in your step, sending you skyward when shifting gravity might have some negative effects.
  • TETHERS automatically collect nearby hearts. Avoid entering dangerous spaces just by tugging on these heartstrings.

Gameplay Hints

  • QPID. might fall faster or slower than some of the enemies and obstacles. Use that to sneak past them during gravity shifts.
  • Sometimes flipping gravity will put hearts right in the path of a Heartacher. Look for alternate locomotion paths like bounce pads and speed rollers to avoid that risk.
  • Lollidrops can’t be destroyed by blasting them, but they can be deflected with a barrage of shots. Use this to create opportunities to sneak past them.

Game Controls

  • Move: Joystick/WASD
  • Blaster: Button 1/Mouse Button 1
  • Flip Gravity: Button 2/Mouse Button 2
  • Self Destruct: Button 1/Mouse Button 1 + Button 2/Mouse Button 2

Additional Options

  • F1 toggles CRT scanlines on/off
  • F2 toggles CRT curvature on/off
  • F3 switches in window size in windowed mode
  • Back button on controller accesses CRT/windowed options
  • F9 resets the game
  • Alt-Enter toggles between 16:9 fullscreen and 4:3 windowed mode


Digital Eclipse Arcade : QPID – How To Get It Free!

Make sure you follow these steps to get Digital Eclipse Arcade : QPID for FREE!

  1. Subscribe to the Digital Eclipse newsletter.
  2. Wait for Digital Eclipse to send you an email with the Steam key.
  3. Log into your existing Steam account, or create a new account.
  4. Go to Games > Activate a Product on Steam…
  5. Click Next and I Agree.
  6. Key in the provided Product Code (Steam key) from the email.
  7. Click Next.

That’s it! You now have Digital Eclipse Arcade : QPID, which is not available yet on Steam!


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