Deep State Adventure : How To Get It FREE!

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The Deep State Adventure DLC for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is FREE for a limited time!

Find out how to get it FREE, and make sure you tell your friends!

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Deep State Adventure

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a military shooter set in a diverse, hostile, and mysterious open world that you can play entirely solo or in four-player co-op.


Somewhere in the South Pacific lies the remote Auroa Archipelago, a vast land of diverse biomes that range from the highest fjords and snowy peaks to the deepest swamps and lava fields.

However, all contact with Auroa and Skell Technology has recently been lost… What happened to Jace Skell? Who is pulling the strings? Find the truth and clear the plot!


Whether you want to play solo or with up to three co-op allies, you can commandeer a wide range of land, sea, and air vehicles to freely discover and explore Auroa’s miles of settlements, wilderness, and roadways.

Find your friends in the new social HUB and play the campaign together or enter a PvP arena to take on an intense 4v4 match.

Deep State Adventure : How To Get It FREE!


Start your Deep State adventure by following the trail to Holt in Erewhon. After gaining intel from him, dive deeper into the conspiracy and unravel the pieces, even meet up with some old friends along the way.

Deep State brings forth a captivating narrative with new activities to participate in and rewards to earn as you progress, featuring some beloved items from a familiar franchise.


You won’t fight for nothing, Ghosts. Each mission will come with exclusive rewards, providing you with more tools to face the danger you will encounter and adapt to situations:

  • SC-IS HDG, 4th Echelon Goggles, Sam Fisher Figure, 4th Echelon Pants, 4th Echelon Shoes, 4th Echelon Gloves, 4th Echelon Top, 4th Echelon Fullmask, Blacklist Helicopter | Standard and Victor Coste Figure.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Deep State Adventure : How To Get It For FREE!

Please note that this DLC requires the base game – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This DLC is FREE to own if you get it before 7 PM CEST on 11 October 2021 .

  1. Launch Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
  2. Go to the Expansion tab in the in-game store.
  3. The Deep State Adventure will be available for 0 Ghost Coins.
  4. Click on the Adventure to own it.

You will need to restart the game to get the mission unlocked. An in-game pop-up will appear.


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