Death Stranding Director’s Cut Fiasco Blamed On Intern!

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The awesome Christmas free game – Death Stranding Director’s Cut was rescinded by Epic Games, and blamed on an intern!


Death Stranding Director’s Cut Fiasco : What Happened?

On Christmas Day 2022, gamers worldwide were delighted to find that Epic Games gave out an epic AAA game – Death Stranding Director’s Cut!

But their delight soon turned to frustration as many reported that they were unable to add it to their account, or were logged out when they tried to check out.

That sweet taste of Christmas soon turned into bitterness when everyone finally realised that Epic Games switched out the Director’s Cut for the standard Death Stranding base game.

Even worse – those who “successfully” received Death Stranding Director’s Cut apparently reported that their game were eventually replaced with the standard edition.

Epic Games giveth, and Epic Games taketh away.

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Death Stranding Director's Cut Fiasco Blamed On Intern!


Death Stranding Director’s Cut Fiasco Blamed On Intern!

Epic Games did not officially issue any statement over this fiasco, but those who contacted their support team were told that the initial giveaway was a “mistake”:

It seems like the directors cut version was offered by mistake and has been replaced to the standard version as the Free game offer for today.

I understand you’d also like to have the director’s cut. however it was a mistake when the game was initially offered.

Epic Games China later apologised for the mistake.

某Epic员工(现在是临时工) 在昨院配置免费游戏时错误将贈送的 《死亡搁浅》


An Epic employee (currently an Intern) mistakenly set up the free game as “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT instead of the Original/Standard Edition last night.

We are very sorry for those players who couldn’t claim the DIRECTOR’S CUT Edition, truly sorry.

Based on the contract we signed with Publisher we were not going to give away the DIRECTOR’S CUT Edition, our own staff made that mistake.

Now we are discussing follow-up matters with the Publisher.


Death Stranding Director’s Cut Fiasco : No Big Deal

What’s new really? It’s always an intern’s fault. These mistakes are never made by regular staff, or the company. It’s always an intern.

Of course, you may ask – why would you give such an important task – releasing an AAA game on Christmas Day – to an intern? Or you may ask – why didn’t anyone check on the intern’s work before approving it?

In the meantime, the poor intern (if he/she exists) is being chewed up by everyone for making a mistake while everyone else was enjoying Christmas with their families.

If the poor intern is reading this – you are an intern, and you are there to learn the ropes; not to be hung out to dry for making a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. This wasn’t your first mistake, and won’t be your last mistake. So just chill and ignore the flak.

As for us cheapskate gamers (yes, I’m one), there’s no need to rip off our shirts in anger. We are not losing much with the standard edition of Death Stranding.

The Director’s Cut for PC only adds some minor cutscenes, and an extra mission, as well as small freebies like backpack patches, Bridges Special Delivery Team Suit (Gold and Silver), BB pod customization (Chiral Gold and Silver), and Power Gloves (Gold and Silver).

You will still get the same HIGH FRAME RATE, PHOTO MODE and ULTRA-WIDE MONITOR SUPPORT, as well as cross-over content from Valve Corporation’s HALF-LIFE series, from the Director’s Cut.

And remember – Director’s Cut or not, you are getting a triple A game for FREE! So just enjoy the freebie, and stop bitching!


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