Control : What You Need To Game With Ray-Traced Graphics!

Control, the action adventure game, is almost here! But are you ready to play Control with ray-traced graphics?

Here is our guide on ray tracing in Control, and what you need to enjoy it. We will also share with you the first ray-traced Control game trailer and showcase!


Control Is Almost Here!

Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games, Control is one of the two games bundled with every NVIDIA RTX Super graphics card.

You play Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) – a secret U.S. government agency that studies and contains phenomena which violate the laws of reality.

Set inside the shape-shifting Oldest House, the featureless skyscraper HQ of the FBC in New York, you must battle an otherworldly threat to regain control and prevent the public from learning of the supernatural.


The First Ray-Traced Control Gameplay Trailer!

Here is the first ray-traced Control gameplay trailer that Remedy and NVIDIA unveiled at Gamescom 2019!


The Ray Tracing Effects In Control

NVIDIA revealed that Remedy will be using three high-fidelity real-time ray tracing effects in Control :

Ray-Traced Translucent Reflections

Control is the first game to feature ray-traced translucent reflections.

Unlike screen space techniques which can only reflect what’s on screen , ray-traced reflections incorporate the entire scene around the character, and can accurately represent objects outside the camera view, or facing away from the camera.

Within the Control game, the reflections bounce off of opaque materials like brushed metal, but more importantly, off of translucent materials like windows so we can see what is behind the glass too.

Ray-Traced Indirect Diffuse Lighting

Indirect diffuse lighting is light bouncing between non-glossy surfaces, which gives the scene a more realistic lighting effect.

Ray-traced indirect diffuse lighting in Control is composed of two parts :

  • For nearby surfaces, Control will trace a ray to evaluate one bounce of real-time (dynamic) diffuse reflection.
  • If no nearby surfaces are found, Control will use the ray information instead to sample pre-computed global illumination information at a more optimal location.

The end result is a more natural lighting feel, with objects that sit better in the scene.

Ray-Traced Contact Shadows

This is a hybrid technique where Control traces shadow rays to add accurate shadowing on any surface that is close to the shadow caster.

This enhances surface and contact details, and fixes problems associated with traditional shadow mapping techniques like aliasing, freckling and disconnected shadows.

Further away from the shadow caster, we blend with traditional rasterized soft shadows using shadow maps.

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Control : Ray Tracing System Requirements

Remedy is recommending the following system requirements if you wish to turn on all three ray tracing features in Control :

CPU : Intel Core i5-7600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, or better
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or better
RAM : 16 GB
OS : Windows 10 64-bit

If you wish to turn on all three ray tracing features, with maxed-out graphics, Remedy recommends the following system requirements :

CPU : Intel Core i5-8600K / AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, or better
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, or better
RAM : 16 GB
OS : Windows 10 64-bit

Control will be released on 27 August 2019, so you will soon be able to enjoy it with ray-traced graphics!


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