The 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale Examined!

The 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale just kicked off! Is there anything great? What is Steam offering gamers this year? Read on and find out!


The 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Another festival, another excuse for a Steam sale! For the 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale, Steam is offering a slew of discounted games. On top of that, they are offering discounts and other time-limited gifts.

Discount On First Purchase

Steam will give you US$5 / £5 off the first purchase of $30 / £30 and above, or the local equivalent in currency. Here in Malaysia, they are offering RM 10 off the first purchase of RM 60 and above.

This 16.7% discount applies to both games that are on sale, and those that are normal-priced. It will only be valid for purchases made between 4 February 2019, 10 am PST and 11 February, 10 am PST.

FREE 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Red Envelope

Even if you do NOT intend to buy any game during the sale period, you will receive a FREE red envelope. Inside, you will find tokens that can be redeemed for discounts and bonuses during the sale period.

The amount of tokens you receive in your red envelope depends on how much you spent in Steam earlier. But even if you did not spend a single cent, you will receive a token sum of 100 tokens (pun intended!).

This offer is good until 13 February 2019, 2 AM CST.

Getting More Tokens

Purchasing games during 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale will give you extra tokens. You will receive 100 tokens for every USD spent in the US, and 127 tokens for every £1 spent in the UK.

Here in Malaysia, you will receive 59 tokens for every RM 1 spent, which gives you a +136% advantage! Unless you intend to redeem discounts with those tokens… then the advantage is a paltry +18%.

What Can You Redeem With Those Tokens?

Here is what you can redeem with your tokens :

  • More discounts : A US$5 / £5 / RM 10 discount code costs 15,000 tokens
  • Golden profile : For 4,000 tokens, your profile goes “gold” until the end of the 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale
  • Lunar New Year Badges : Steam offers up to TEN levels of badges that cost 2,000 tokens per level.

Note : Any tokens or rewards received, earned or redeemed are locked to your accounts, and cannot be traded. Your tokens will also expire by 13 February 2019, 2 AM CST. So make sure you use them all!


Is The 2019 Steam Lunar New Year Sale Worth It?

The $5 / £5 / RM 10 discount on the first purchase of US$30 / £30 / RM 60 and above is nothing to shout about. It is, at most, a 16.7% discount. However, you will never be able to buy a game for the minimum limit, so the actual discount is more like 10%.

Still, it will worth using if there are games on offer that you wish to purchase. For example, Far Cry 5 and XCOM 2 are currently discounted at 75%. This first-time discount could make them as cheap as 80% off!

On the other hand, the additional US$5 / £5 / RM 10 discount redemption is ridiculously expensive at 15,000 tokens. You will need to first purchase $150 / £118 / RM 255 worth of games to receive that discount, which can only be applied towards your next purchase.

In the best case scenario, you can pick up a game worth $5 / £5 / RM 10 for free… but even that works out to a maximum discount of 3.2% for the whole deal. In most cases, the net discount will be more like 1-2%.

Spending the tokens on the Golden Profile though is an even more epic waste of money. Unless you get those 4,000 tokens free, you will need to spend $40 / £31.50 / RM 68 to turn your profile gold for just a few days.

The badges are a better value because they are permanent, albeit NON-TRADEABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. You will need to spend $20 / £16 / RM 34 per level though, which means a total of $200  / £157.50 / RM 339 just to get all 10 badges.

Steam allows you to download the Lunar New Year profile backgrounds, but to add them to your Steam profile, you will need to redeem each for 1,000 tokens. Still, this is a better deal than spending 4,000 tokens for a temporary Golden Profile.

If you are a cheapskate like us, you will probably end up using your tokens for the piggy emoticons. At only 100 tokens each, everyone will be able to get at least one FREE.


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