Is US Sending Infected Birds To Spread Monkeypox?!

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Are the US and Western countries sending infected birds to spread monkeypox to China and other Asian countries?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : US Is Sending Infected Birds To Spread Monkeypox!

The Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) and pro-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) netizens are now claiming that the US and Western countries are sending infected birds to spread monkeypox to China and other Asian countries.

Hey, guys. No matter where you are, if you see a bird that can’t fly, can’t walk or struggle on the ground, you should never catch it, for fear of monkeypox infection. The relevant community has informed you, please pay attention to it. Remember!

Is US Sending Infected Birds To Spread Monkeypox?!


Truth : No One Is Sending Infected Birds To Spread Monkeypox!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created by the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), and shared by pro-CCP netizens, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : The West Is Not Sending Infected Birds To Spread Monkeypox

Just like their insects attack claim, the wumao are falsely blaming the West for sending birds to spread monkeypox.

This is utter nonsense, and nothing more than Chinese propaganda. It is also not very believable propaganda at that, and I will show you why.

Fact #2 : Monkeypox Not Known To Infect Birds

Birds have, so far, not been found to be infected with the monkeypox virus, or any other orthopoxviruses. So it would be absurd for anyone to suggest birds being used as a vector for spreading monkeypox.

The monkeypox virus mostly infects mammals like apes, monkeys, squirrels, shrews, chinchillas, anteaters, hedgehogs, prairie dogs… and yes, human beings. But not birds.

Fact #3 : Most Monkeypox Cases Are In The West!

It is absurd to claim that the West is intentionally spreading monkeypox to China and other Asian countries.

If they were, well, they are doing a piss-poor job of it, because nine of the top 10 countries with monkeypox cases are Western countries!

Country Confirmed
Spain 3,536 62 3,598
United States 2,891 2,891
Germany 2,268 2,268
United Kingdom 2,208 2,208
France 1,567 1,567
Canada 681 45 726
Netherlands 712 712
Brazil 696 6 702
Portugal 588 588
Italy 407 407

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WHO Declares Monkeypox A Global Emergency With 16K Cases!

Fact #4 : Current Outbreak Spreading Human-to-Human

In the 2022 monkeypox outbreak, the disease is being spread from human-to-human, not from birds to humans.

The global spread occurs through air travel – infected people travelling overseas, and infecting other people at those destinations.

Many of the cases have also been traced to men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners.

This does not mean that monkeypox is a sexually-transmitted disease (STD). It is not spread through sexual activities, but through skin-to-skin contact between an infected person and other people.

Fact #5 : It Is Difficult To Train Birds

While pigeons can be trained to carry messages between two points, it is not easy to train them.

For one thing – you need to repeatedly transport the pigeons and feed them at both the origin location, and the destination, until they can fly between the two locations independently.

Only pigeons have been trained reliably this way. Other birds lack the pigeon’s ability to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field (magnetoreception), or its ease of training.

Even if the US and other Western countries want to use pigeons to infect China and other Asian countries with monkeypox, they would need to repeatedly bring the pigeons over to the target countries and back. Do you think such activity would not catch the attention of the authorities at those countries?

Without such training, the birds will simply fly wherever they want to, and not where the Americans / Westerners want them to.

It would be much easier to just fly someone infected with monkeypox to China, and give everyone there a big hug…. which is why this fake story is so stupid!

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Is US Sending Infected Birds To Spread Monkeypox?!

Fact #6 : Most Birds Cannot Fly Vast Distances

The bar-tailed godwit (Limosa lapponica) holds the world’s record for flying over 12,000 kilometres for 11 days straight without stopping. However, most birds just don’t fly very far.

Even homing pigeons can only fly for about 1,200 km a day, which is pretty darn far… until you realise that the distance between the US and China is some 11,640 kilometres!

Only the bar-tailed godwit is capable of making that flight. The homing pigeon can only travel 10% of the way across the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Fact #7 : This Is Just Chinese Propaganda

This is really nothing more than yet another example of Chinese propaganda created by the infamous Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛).

All of the wumao articles that I looked at so far have proven to be false… at every instance. So please watch out for such false claims.

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