Treated Fukushima Water Is Still Highly Radioactive?!

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Was the 3rd batch of treated Fukushima water just proven to be radioactive with radionuclides including carbon-14, cobalt 60, strontium-90 & others?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Treated Fukushima Water Is Still Radioactive!

Pro-CCP netizens, as well as the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), are sharing this message on WhatsApp and social media platforms:

The 3rd batch of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water schedule to be released during Japan’s 3rd round of ocean discharge is reported to contains radionuclides including carbon-14, cobalt 60, strontium-90 & others, according to pre-discharge test results released by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

The 1st round of discharge was on August 24 & 2nd round discharge on October 5. cobalt 60 & strontium-90 will significantly impact human health & the environment.

Let’s see whether the western main stream media will report this fact or maybe report this in small print hidden somewhere or none at all as they had been doing. Claims of CGTN being China Communist Party (CCP) China’s mouthpiece are common narrative by these western main stream media despite many reports from CGTN criticizing China’s problems before.

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Treated Fukushima Water Is Still Radioactive?!


Truth : Treated Fukushima Water Far Below Radioactive Limits

This is yet another example of MISINFORMATION surrounding the release of treated waste water from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station (NPS), and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Only Chinese Media Are Reporting A Problem

One of the first things I did was to look up any problems related to the third batch of waste water released by the Fukushima NPS. Interestingly, this topic appears to have been addressed by three Chinese state media outlets:

  • Xinhua : Multiple radionuclides detected in Fukushima nuke wastewater planned for 3rd round of ocean discharge
  • China Daily : Multiple radionuclides detected in Fukushima nuke wastewater planned for 3rd round of ocean discharge
  • CGTN : TEPCO: Multiple radionuclides detected in Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water in third round of ocean discharge

They all appear to have the same content, because they appear to have been syndicated from Xinhua.

No other news media from any other country in the world – not just from Western countries – have reported any problem with the TEPCO report.

Fact #2 : TEPCO Report Showed No Issues

TEPCO actually has a dedicated portal that publishes testing data and other updates on the ALPS-treated water at the Fukushima NPS.

The 10 July 2023 analysis of ALPS-treated water from the K4-A tank mentioned in the Xinhua, China Daily and CGTN articles, is actually available for the public to read in English.

Anyone who reads through it will quickly realise that the report clearly states that:

  • 39 radionuclides were confirmed not to be significantly present.
  • 29 radionuclides were confirmed to be 74% less than discharge standard.
  • the amount of tritium was 130,000 Bq/L, but dropped to less than 1,500 Bq/L after dilution.

Yes, radionuclides other than tritium were found to be present in the ALPS-treated water. However, they were all found to be insignificant, or far below the discharge standard, and this was before the water was diluted.

In other words – the TEPCO report on the 10 July 2023 analysis showed that it was complying with regulations.

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Fukushima ALPS waste water filtration system

Fact #3 : Independent Analysis Confirmed TEPCO Report

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency also conducted an independent analysis of the 10 July 2023 ALPS-treated water sample through its Okuma Analysis and Research Center.

Its separate and independent analysis (PDF download) confirmed that:

  • nuclides other than tritium which have been purified to below the regulatory limit by ALPS treatment.
  • the concentrations of 29 nuclides was 26% of regulatory limits
  • the concentrations of 39 nuclides were “not significantly present”
  • tritium level was around 130,000 Bq/L in the undiluted water.

That is likely why no other news media has reported on any problems with this report – because it did not reveal any actual problem with the ALPS-treated water…

Yes, the Fukushima water is still radioactive after being filtered and treated, but the amount of radionuclides are far below regulatory limits.

Fact #4 : Fukushima Will Release Less Tritium Than Chinese Nuclear Plants

Perhaps pro-CCP netizens and the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) would do well to understand this English idiom – People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

What Chinese citizens and perhaps, most people around the world, may not realise is that Chinese nuclear power stations routinely discharge many times more tritium than the Fukushima NPS.

In fact, an official Chinese government report actually revealed that the Qinshan nuclear power plant discharged over 14X more tritium than what the Fukushima NPS will discharge.

If the release of tritium and other radionuclides are such a danger, perhaps we should all be demanding that the regulatory standards be TIGHTENED for ALL nuclear power plants across the world.

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Chinese Nuclear Plants Release More Tritium Than Fukushima?!

Fact #5 : This Is Just Fake News About Fukushima

There is no doubt that Japan is facing a LOT of criticism over its release of the Fukushima waste water, even though IAEA and many experts have endorsed the plan.

However, this is just another example of FAKE NEWS being created around the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. Here are other examples I fact checked earlier:

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