Did Thailand Ban Pfizer Vaccine Over Princess’ Coma?!

Did Thailand ban the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine because it caused Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s coma?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Thailand Banned Pfizer Vaccine Over Princess’ Coma!

This message has gone viral on WhatsApp and social media, claiming that Thailand just banned the Pfizer vaccine because it caused Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s coma!

It’s a long post, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Thailand to BAN Pfizer After Thai Princess Falls Into A Coma Following Booster Jab

A Thai government spokesperson told Professor Sucharit Bhakdi this week that his country could soon become the first in the world to nullify and make void its contracts with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

According to Bhakdi, the spokesperson said, in reference to the company’s experimental covid “vaccines,” that “we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world to declare this contract (with Pfizer) null.”

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No Evidence Thailand Is Planning To Ban Pfizer Vaccine At All!

There is really NO EVIDENCE that Thailand has banned, or is planning to ban, the Pfizer vaccine because it caused Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s coma!

Fact #1 : Claims Likely Based On Edited Videos

The claims in the viral message appear to be based on two viral videos that were edited to remove some context. I confirmed that by watching and comparing both video clips to the full interview of Sucharit Bhakdi by Pascal Najadi.

It looks like the person who edited the videos wanted to remove references to the fact that Bhakdi was talking to Thai activists, not Thai officials. I covered both videos separately in these articles:

Fact #2 : No Evidence Bhakdi Spoke To Thai Government Officials

If you watch the full video or read the extended transcripts in the two articles above, you will realise that Sucharit Bhakdi did not actually claim to have met any Thai official, never mind advisors to the royal family.

He appeared to have only met Thai activists who claimed that they can “connect” him with the authorities.

Fact #3 : No Evidence Thai Officials Plan To Nullify Pfizer Contracts

There is also no evidence Thailand is actually planning to nullify the Pfizer vaccine contracts. In fact, Bhakdi himself called for people to “start a movement” to “file a case against Pfizer-BioNTech“.

That would not be necessary if the Thai government is already planning to nullify the Pfizer vaccine contracts.

And if we are able in Thailand to start a movement to say, file a case against Pfizer-BioNTech that they pay for the damage they have done, let’s make it.

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Fact #4 : Use Of Pfizer Vaccine Minimal In Thailand

It is odd that Sucharit Bhakdi is so focused on the Pfizer vaccine when the Moderna vaccine uses a similar mRNA and lipid nanoparticle delivery technology.

In any case, the use of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines in Thailand is minimal. This is partly because the mainstay of the Thai COVID-19 vaccination programme was the AstraZeneca vaccine, that was eventually manufactured by Siam Bioscience (owned by King Vajiralongkorn himself).

But due to supply issues, Thailand imported and used large amounts of the Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine, and eventually the Sinopharm BIBP vaccine.

mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna only make up 5.7% of the COVID-19 vaccines delivered to the Thai government.

Vaccine Brand Doses Ordered Doses Delivered
Sinovac 31.1 million 26.52 million
AstraZeneca 61 million 25.5 million
Sinopharm 15 million 15 million
Pfizer 30 million 3.5 million
Moderna 13 million 560,200

Fact #6 : Unknown If Princess Bajrakitiyabha Was Vaccinated

Despite Sucharit Bhakdi’s claims that Princess Bajrakitiyabha received her third dose just 23 days before her collapse, I simply cannot find any evidence of that.

Neither Princess Bajrakitiyabha, nor the Thai royal family, or even the Thai government, has ever publicly revealed her vaccination status.

Perhaps Bhakdi is privy to her vaccination status, but he did not share any evidence to back up his claim, and I cannot corroborate his claim.

Unless and until the Thai royal family or government reveal her vaccination status, and what (if any) COVID-19 vaccine she received, it would be wrong for anyone to claim (without evidence) that she was injured by the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

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Fact #7 : Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s Cause of Collapse Still Unknown

It is interesting to note that the person who edited the viral video cut out the part where Sucharit Bhakdi claimed that Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s heart failed.

The truth is – the cause of her sudden collapse has not been publicly revealed, but the Thai palace released a statement on 19 December 2022, in which it stated that “no heart defect could be found“, dismissing earlier assessments that she suffered a cardiac event.

So while we still do not know why Princess Bajrakitiyabha suddenly collapsed (Thai royal expert Andrew MacGregor Marshall claims it was a hemorrhagic stroke), we have known since December 2022 that she did not have a “heart defect” of any kind.

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