New SPR Rules On Bringing + Using Phone On GE15!

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The Malaysia Election Commission (SPR) just issued a notice on new rules on bringing and using your phone during GE15 – the 15th General Election!


SPR : You Cannot Use Your Phone Inside GE15 Polling Station

At around 10 PM on Monday, 14 November 2022, the Malaysia Election Commission (SPR) issued new rules on how voters can use their phone when they go to vote in the 15th General Election.

You are allowed to bring a phone or smartphone with you to the voting centre. However, you are forbidden from using your phone once you get to the polling station (Saluran) – the room in which you will receive and mark your voting ballot.

SPR will place notices and posters warning against the use of phones or smartphones inside and outside every GE15 voting room. Here is the official SPR statement, with my English translation:

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) telah memaklumkan kepada semua pengundi bahawa penggunaan telefon bimbit di tempat mengundi (saluran) adalah tidak dibenarkan. Sebagai peringatan, notis atau poster larangan penggunaan telefon bimbit akan diletakkan di luar dan di dalam tempat mengundi.

The Malaysia Election Commission (SPR) has informed all voters that the use of mobile phones at polling stations (Saluran) is forbidden. As a reminder, notices or posters prohibiting the use of mobile phones will be placed outside and inside the polling station.

This SPR decision will help prevent anyone from taking photos of voters making their choices, and reduce the potential for vote buying and election fraud.

New SPR Rules On Bringing + Using Phone On GE15!


SPR : You Must Surrender Your Phone Before Voting In GE15!

SPR also officially stated that you must place your phone in the provided area on the table of the Ketua Tempat Mengundi (Head of the Polling Station).

After marking and casting your vote, you will then retrieve your phone / smartphone from the KTM’s table, before leaving the polling station.

Here is the official SPR statement, with my English translation:

SPR telah menetapkan bahawa pengundi yang membawa telefon bimbit ke tempat mengundi perlu meletakkan telefon bimbit di tempat yang telah disediakan setelah menerima kertas undi dan mengambilnya semula setelah selesai mengundi.

SPR has ordered that voters who carry mobile phones to the polling station must put the mobile phone in the provided place after receiving the ballot papers and retrieve it after they have finished voting.

This SPR decision will help prevent anyone from accidentally or intentionally taking photos of their votes / ballot papers, and hopefully, prevent vote buying.

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GE15 : You Must Surrender Your Phone Before Voting!


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