Did four SIA pilots die suddenly from vaccine in May?!

Did four SIA pilots die suddenly from COVID-19 vaccine side effects, after Singapore Airlines demanded they get the fourth dose?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Four SIA Pilots Died Suddenly From Vaccine In May!

People are sharing obituary photos of four SIA pilots, claiming that they died suddenly from COVID-19 vaccine side effects in May 2023, after Singapore Airlines demanded that they get the fourth dose!

4 SIA captains died within a week after the airline demanded they take the FOURTH jab. Criminal…. 😱😓🫣💉
This is very serious considering 4 pilots passed away and they looked young and healthy. Chances are that they vaccineted at almost the same time.
This is very serious without the slightest doubt. Considering the spike in overall death in Singapore in the month of May 2023!
Ong Ye Kung and Iswaran care to shed some light???
The public want to know the reasons…. 4th jab at the same time as demanded by SIA?
Don’t just be obvious. Period…

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No Evidence SIA Pilots Died From Vaccine In May!

It’s now tradition for anti-vaccination activists to immediately blame all sudden deaths or illnesses on the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Their Cause Of Death Are Unknown

First, let me just confirm that there are indeed at least four SIA pilots who died in the month of May 2023, based on their obituaries:

However, none of their obituaries mentioned their individual cause of death. They also do not appear to have any social media accounts, or families posting about their deaths on social media.

Random netizens are claiming that Captains Wee Leong and Colin Tan died suddenly from cardiac arrest, while Captains Fernando Cid and Sebastian Tan died from cancer. It is unknown if any of those causes of death are accurate.

Until and unless Singapore Airlines, or the families of the four pilots, publicly announce their individual cause of death, anyone who tells you that the four SIA pilots died of this or that cause is likely lying to you.

Fact #2 : No Evidence SIA Requires 4th COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

In January 2021, Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced that it hopes to become the world’s first airline to vaccinated all of its crew members against COVID-19.

SIA set a deadline of September 1, and managed to vaccinate 99% of its active pilots, cabin crew and frontline ground crew by 19 August 2021.

However, there is no evidence that Singapore Airlines recently demanded that its pilots and cabin crew get the fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose, which would be their second booster dose.

As of 31 May 2023,  the Singapore Ministry of Health only recommends that senior citizens and medically vulnerable people receive the fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose. Even then, it is a “recommendation”, not a requirement.

It is unlikely for Singapore Airlines to mandate a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose, when the Singapore Ministry of Health does not recommend it for healthy young or middle-aged adults.

Until and unless Singapore Airlines, or the families of the four pilots, confirm it, anyone who tells you that the four SIA pilots received the fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose is likely lying to you.

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Fact #3 : SIA Had Approximately 3,000 Pilots In 2022

In May 2022 (last year), SIA Chief Executive Goh Choon Phong announced that Singapore Airlines was looking to recruit 2,000 cabin crew as air travel was picking up.

While he declined to say how many pilots SIA employed in 2022, he said that the number of pilots at SIA Group is still similar to pre-COVID-19 numbers, with just “a very small number” who have left. Pre-pandemic, Singapore Airlines had about 3,200 pilots.

While it may shocking to hear that four SIA pilots died in the same month, it is not really shocking when you factor in the death rate in Singapore, which is 5.8 per 1,000 (2021).

Assuming Singapore Airlines only has 3,000 pilots, it should expect 17 of its pilots to die on a given year, or about 1.5 pilots a month. In addition to these four pilots, a fifth pilot died in December. So five SIA pilots dying in 2023 is exceptionally low.

Fact #4 : COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Cause Cancer

There is no such thing as “turbo cancer”, and there is no evidence that any COVID-19 vaccine can cause cause, or make cancer go “turbo”.

Even if, hypothetically, COVID-19 vaccines are carcinogenic (which is not the case), it will take many years before vaccinated people can conceivably develop cancer of any kind.

It is simply not possible for anyone to develop cancer right after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Needless to say – no COVID-19 vaccine has been found to cause cancer of any kind.

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Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong getting his COVID-19 vaccination

Fact #5 : COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Cause Cardiac Arrest

As of March 2023, over 13 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered globally, and their safety and efficacy have been closely monitored in the last 2.5 years. While mRNA vaccines have been shown to cause myocarditis in some children and young adults, none of the vaccines have been shown to cause cardiac arrest.

The truth is – sudden cardiac arrest is relatively common in young healthy adults, even athletes. The United States alone records over half a million cases of sudden cardiac arrest cases every year – an incidence of about 130 per 100,000 individuals per year.

Many people have undiagnosed heart conditions that may not produce noticeable symptoms in daily life, but could result in sudden cardiac arrest at any time. The risk of developing sudden cardiac arrest also increases during stressful or strenuous activities, which is why many countries mandate the provision of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices in public facilities like malls, sporting centres, gyms, schools, parks, etc.

Singapore has installed AEDs in public places for many years now, because people have been suffering sudden cardiac arrests long before the COVID-19 vaccines were invented. This was what the Minister for Home Affairs K. Shanmugan wrote in July 2019:

Many buildings in Singapore are already equipped with AEDs such as schools, community centres, sports stadiums, bus interchanges, MRT stations, Singapore Armed Forces camps and Home Team facilities. Several commercial and office buildings have also installed AEDs.

Under the Save-A-Life (“SAL”) initiative, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has installed AEDs at the lift lobbies of HDB blocks in all 89 constituencies, with one AED for every two HDB blocks. SCDF is looking to expand its SAL initiative beyond HDB estates to condominiums.

The SCDF is also working with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Singapore Heart Foundation (“SHF”) to encourage more public and private establishments to install AEDs and register their publicly-accessible AEDs with the SHF, in order to build a national registry of publicly-accessible AEDs.

In short, COVID-19 vaccines do NOT cause cardiac arrests, no matter what anti-vaccination activists may claim. But COVID-19 vaccines also cannot prevent people from getting cardiac arrests, or dying from them.

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