Fact Check : Sasha Latypova Vax Claims On Epoch TV

Pharma insider Sasha Latypova claimed on Epoch TV that the COVID-19 pandemic was a military operation that allowed dangerous vaccines to be given to people!

Let’s take a look at her claims, and find out what the facts really are!


What Sasha Latypova Claimed On Epoch TV

People are sharing a Twitter video by Jan Jekielek on Epoch TV, which highlights the opinions of a “pharma insider” called Sasha Latypova. Here is a transcript of the video:

American Though Leaders : PHARMA INSIDER SPEAKS OUT

Jan Jekielek also posted this claim in his Twitter post promoting the Epoch TV video:

Databases such as VAERS, Yellow Card, & EudraVigiliance showed huge numbers of adverse events shortly after the COVID vaccine was rolled out, yet the gov’t denied it & “continues denying to this day,” argues @sasha_latypova.

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My Fact Check Of Sasha Latypova Claims On Epoch TV

This is yet another example of fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccines, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Sasha Latypova Did Not Work For Big Pharma

Since Sasha Latypova is being promoted as a pharma insider / whistleblower, I wondered which Big Pharma company she worked for. However, according to her own LinkedIn profile, she never worked in one?

1997 – 1999 : Graduated with MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

March 2006 – October 2016 : Co-Founder and Executive VP of iCardiac Technologies, Inc.

December 2014 to present : Co-Founder, Executive VP and Director of Clerio Vision, Inc.

As far as I can tell – Sasha Latypova does not have any medical training, or experience with vaccines. It also looks like she never worked for any of the Big Pharma companies. How does that make her a “pharma insider” or a “pharma whistleblower”?

Fact #2 : COVID-19 Pandemic Was Not A Military Operation

Sasha Latypova claimed on Epoch TV that the COVID-19 pandemic was really a military operation, but offered no evidence.

The scientific community is still uncertain whether the initial COVID-19 outbreak occurred because of an accidental release in a Chinese laboratory, or happened naturally through close contact with an infected animal.

But there is ZERO evidence that it was intentionally released in Wuhan in a US military operation, as promoted by pro-CCP netizens and the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) .

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Fact #3 : VAERS / Yellow Card / EudraVigilance Data Are Unverified

Sasha Latypova is repeating the old debunked claim that the VAERS / Yellow Card / EudraVigilance data show that the COVID-19 vaccines have many more adverse events than all other vaccines combined.

The truth is – VAERS / Yellow Card / EudraVigilance data are all unverified, and may contain duplicated information. That’s why they are all prefaced with warnings like:

  • they may contain duplicated information and/or reports
  • the reported event may be caused by an illness, like a COVID-19 infection for example,
  • the reported event may be caused by a different drug taken by the patient at the same time
  • they have not been assessed by health authorities to ascertain if it’s even “biologically plausible”

In addition, open systems like VAERS, or the UK Yellow Card system, are very susceptible to abuse because they allow anyone from anywhere to post anything they want, without evidence or verification.

Anti-vaccination activists can, for example, key in unlimited numbers of adverse reaction reports, even if they never received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine!

Fact #4 : US Government Did Not Commandeer Big Pharma

The US government did not commandeer pharmaceutical companies to produce COVID-19 vaccines. Sasha Latypova did not offer any evidence to back up that claim, or explain what she meant.

But if she was referring to Operation Warp Speed (OWS), that was a public-private partnership to accelerate the development, manufacturing and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.

The US government did not commandeer any pharmaceutical company to produce vaccines. Its role was limited, primarily, to funding vaccine companies to a tune of some $11 billion. But it was not mandatory. Pfizer – a major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, declined to participate in Operation Warp Speed.

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Fact #5 : COVID-19 Vaccines Were Compliant + Approved

Sasha Latypova claimed that the pharmaceutical companies were producing non-compliant injectables, probably referring to the COVID-19 vaccines.

That would not be accurate, as the COVID-19 vaccines underwent large clinical trials and were proven to be safe and effective, before receiving their Emergency Use Authorisation. Hence, all approved COVID-19 vaccines are compliant with FDA or other regulatory bodies.

Even after mass vaccinations began, the approved COVID-19 vaccines continued to be monitored for months, and eventually received their full FDA approvals.

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