Is Roberto Speranza Facing Murder Charges For Vaccine Deaths?!

Is Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza facing murder charges for millions of COVID-19 vaccine deaths?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Roberto Speranza Facing Murder Charges For Vaccine Deaths!

People are sharing an article (archive) by The People’s Voice (formerly NewsPunch), claiming / suggesting that Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is facing multiple murder charges over millions of deaths caused by mRNA vaccines!

First World Leader Faces Murder Charges Over Vaccine Deaths

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Truth : Roberto Speranza Is Not Facing Charges For Vaccine Deaths!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created / promoted by The People’s Voice, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Roberto Speranza Is Former Italian Health Minister

First, I should just point out that Roberto Speranza is the former Italian Health Minister, who served from 5 September 2019 to 22 October 2022.

The current Italian Health Minister is Orazio Schillaci, who has been serving in that capacity from 22 October 2022.

Fact #2 : No Evidence Roberto Speranza Facing Murder Charges

The article by The People’s Voice offered no actual evidence that former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza was facing murder chargers for the “millions of deaths caused by mRNA vaccines“.

Their title and lede appears to be a gross exaggeration of what’s being reported as an “COVID-19 investigation” involving Roberto Speranza and Nicola Magrini (Director-General of AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency) by the Rome prosecutor’s office.

Those claims appear to be based on a photo of a document which allegedly shows Roberto Speranza and Nicola Magrini being added to the registry of suspects at the Rome prosecutor’s office.

Neither the photo, nor the purported document, have been verified to be genuine. But even if the document was genuine, it doesn’t mean that the Rome prosecutor’s office has decided to prosecute Speranza or Magrini, or that an official investigation had actually started.

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Fact #4 : Rome Prosecutor Appears To Decline Investigation

According to La Repubblica (archive), the “prosecutor’s office therefore decided not to proceed with the investigation.

If that La Repubblica news report is correct, that means the Rome prosecutor’s office had already decided not to investigate Roberto Speranza and Nicola Magrini in November 2023, if not earlier.

If that is the case, why would anyone still claim that Roberto Speranza was facing murder charges for the millions of deaths from the mRNA vaccines?

Fact #5 : Complaints Were Forwarded With Dismissal Request

On November 23, 2023, Rai News (archive) – website of Italy’s national public broadcaster, published a story which quoted Roberto Speranza’s attorney Danilo Leva as saying that those complaints about the COVID-19 vaccines had been “forwarded to the competent Court of Ministers with a simultaneous request for dismissal“.

With regard to the press reports relating to the registration of the former minister Roberto Speranza in the register of suspects at the Rome prosecutor’s office – we read in the note – following some complaints regarding vaccines, it is specified that the documents were forwarded to competent court of ministers with simultaneous request for dismissal.

In other words, it appears that the Rome prosecutor’s office received some complaints about the COVID-19 vaccines, declined to investigate, and summarily forwarded them to the Court of Ministers with a request to dismiss them.

The Court of Ministers will have to make a formal decision on whether to dismiss the complaints, typically within 90 days. But from what we have seen so far – there does not appear to be any murder investigation involving the former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza, or AIFA Director General Nicola Magrini.

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Fact #5 : The People’s Voice Is Known For Publishing Fake News

The People’s Voice is the current name for NewsPunch, which possibly changed its name because its brand has been so thoroughly discredited after posting numerous shocking but fake stories.

Founded as Your News Wire in 2014, it was rebranded as NewsPunch in November 2018, before becoming The People’s Voice. A 2017 BuzzFeed report identified NewsPunch as the second-largest source of popular fake news on Facebook that year.

Its articles have been regularly debunked as fake news, so you should NEVER share anything from NewsPunch / The People’s Voice.  Here are some of its fake stories that I fact checked earlier:

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