Fact Check: Ricky Bibey Cause of Death + CCTV Video

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Find out how Ricky Bibey died, and if there really is CCTV video footage showing what went on in his hotel room!


Claim : Ricky Bibey Was Murdered, CCTV Video Shows

Rumour blogs have quickly jumped onto the Ricky Bibey story, claiming that he was murdered by his lover, Jennie Platt.

Here is an excerpt from one example by 24update.net from Bangladesh, with the title “Ricky Bibey Cause of Death – Hotel Room CCTV Footage” :

Popular rugby player Ricky Bibey died at the age of 40. He was found dead in a hotel on July 17. The retired player was found dead at the Continental Hotel in Florence, Italy.

A woman with him was rescued with serious injuries. Her name is Jennie Platt. The woman was also seriously injured. The two were rescued and the woman was taken to a local hospital. And rugby player Ricky Bibey has been taken for autopsy.

The deputy woman is currently under close observation at the ICU. His statement has not yet been found. Injury marks were found on both bodies. It was initially considered a planned murder.

Fact Check: Ricky Bibey Cause of Death + CCTV Video


Truth : No CCTV Video Shows Ricky Bibey Murdered!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created by irresponsible rumour blogs to generate more page views for the ad money, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Ricky Bibey Died On July 16, 2022

Let’s start with the basics – they couldn’t even get the date right.

Ricky Bibey died on Saturday morning, July 16, 2022, not on July 17 as they claimed.

Fact #2 : Ricky Bibey Was With A Female Partner

Ricky Bibey checked into Hotel Continentale in Florence, Italy with a female companion on Friday night, July 15. After a night out, they arrived back at the hotel “in high spirits” at 2 AM on Saturday.

Several rumour blogs named his female companion as 43 year-old Jennie Platt – the owner of Jennie Platt Estates, where he worked. That is likely true, but official sources have not named the woman, as of July 18, 2022.

From what we understand, Jennie Platt has been his partner for at least two years now, and she has two children from a previous relationship.

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Fact Check: Ricky Bibey Cause of Death + CCTV Video

Fact #3 : Ricky Bibey + Partner Were Not Found In Bed

The rumour blogs falsely claimed that Ricky Bibey was found in bed, together with his female partner – both covered in blood.

According to the Italian newspaper, La Nazione, she ran out of the room.

  • Loud noises were heard from their room early in the morning.
  • Just after 7 AM, the woman ran out of the room, covered in blood and screaming for help to neighbouring rooms and a cleaner.
  • The reception alerted the Italian police who arrived shortly after 8 AM.

La Nazione also stated that Ricky Bibey was found on the floor, not in his bed.

Fact #4 : Ricky Bibey’s Partner Was Not Seriously Injured

The rumour blogs falsely claimed that Ricky Bibey’s partner was seriously injured and was being treated in an ICU.

La Nazione stated that despite being bruised and covered in blood, the woman was not in danger of her life.

An insider told Daily Mail that “She is recovering but is still sedated so we are waiting for the go ahead from medical staff at the hospital.

In fact, the Italian police are planning to question her on the evening of July 17, or by the morning of July 18.

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Jenni Platt Estates

Fact #5 : Police Do Not Suspect Murder

The rumour blogs are falsely calling this a murder to drive traffic to their sites. The Italian police do not suspect murder, either his partner by a third party.

Hotel Continentale staff confirmed that the couple returned alone, and no one followed them to their room. There were no signs of a break-in, and the police have confirmed that “no third party was involved“.

The woman who was with Ricky Bibey was not arrested, and the police are only planning to question her to understand what happened in the room.

An autopsy of Ricky Bibey’s body would be carried out on Monday, to “establish levels of alcohol and if any drugs were present“.

Fact #6 : Police Suspect Extreme Sex As Cause Of Death

The police forensics team inspected the room and removed some objects – one of which was said to be “a type of truncheon”.

The coroner, Dr. Martina Focardi, who was also on the scene, inspected the body and did not find any signs of violence.

The initial impression of the case investigators is that this was a case of extreme sex gone wrong, although they are also considering “some sort of domestic argument”.

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Fact Check: Ricky Bibey Cause of Death + CCTV Video

Fact #7 : Ricky Bibey Appeared To Have Had A Seizure

According to a police source, both Ricky Bibey and his partner were found with a series of cuts, bruises and other injuries. However, she was more seriously injured than he was.

The police source also said that Ricky Bibey appeared to have had some sort of seizure, which could be his cause of death.

Fact #8 : There Is No CCTV Video Footage

The rumour blogs falsely claimed that there is CCTV video footage of what really happened in Ricky Bibey’s hotel room.

That’s nonsense. It is against the law to place or hide video or audio recording devices in hotel rooms. Hotels certainly won’t install CCTV cameras in their guest rooms.

This is just fake news created by rumour blogs to generate more traffic, just like how they falsely claim to have video recordings of Dani Hampson’s car accident.

Needless to say – none of these rumour blogs provided any kind of CCTV footage!

All articles posted by rumour blogs should be considered FAKE NEWS until proven otherwise.

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