Postal Voting : Must You Fill Borang 2 In Specific Way?!

Must you fill in Borang 2 in a specific way, or your GE15 postal vote will be rejected?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : You Must Follow Specific Rules To Fill In Borang 2!

This message has gone viral on WhatsApp and social media, warning people that the Borang 2 used in postal voting for GE15 must be filled in a specific way, or it will be rejected!

Apparently, Borang 2 could be the reason the ballot is void – summary as below:

  1. Not given full name in CAPITAL. Name need to be per IC in FULL
  2. The Handwriting of the Witness are the Same. SPR will assume the witness isn’t there.
  3. The address of be witness need to be per IC and not the residential address. DON’t put overseas address unless that is the address in your IC.
  4. Address need to be EXACTLy per IC. It means, no short hand. Can’t write JLN, need to be ‘Jalan’
  5. Date needs to be in full. Missing year can make the ballot void.

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Truth : There Are Some Rules On Filling Borang 2

This viral message that has been circulating on WhatsApp and social media is PARTLY FALSE, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : You Should Write In Capital Letters

Both the voter and the witness should write in CAPITAL letters while filling in Borang 2.

If either one of you wrote in lower-case letters, then it is up to the Returning Officer’s discretion whether to accept or reject your postal vote.

To avoid any possibility of your postal vote being rejected, please make sure everything is written in CAPITAL LETTERS!

Fact #2 : You Should Write The Full Date

The date should be written in full – including the year 2022.

If you fail to write a full date, it is up to the Returning Officer’s discretion whether to accept or reject your postal vote.

To avoid any possibility of your postal vote being rejected, please make sure you write EVERY DATE in FULL!

Fact #3 : No Need For Different Handwriting

The handwriting of the witness for Borang 2 does NOT need to be different from the voter’s handwriting. That’s because the witness may be elderly or unable to write, so the voter may fill it in on his/her behalf.

The most important thing is to ensure that the information filled in is correct, and that the witness is the one who pens the signature on Borang 2, or inks his/her thumbprint.

But if you want to ensure that there is zero possibility of any dispute, just ask the witness to fill in Borang 2 in his/her own handwriting.

Fact #4 : No Need For Malaysian Address

The viral message falsely claimed that you must use a Malaysian address, as per your MyKad identity card.

Postal voting is for overseas voters, and witnessed by Malaysian adults who are living overseas, and they may no longer have a valid Malaysian address.

Therefore, it is illogical to fill in a Malaysian address, or even to use the address in your MyKad.

The witness should fill in his/her current address, whether it is overseas or in Malaysia.

Fact #5 : Address Can Be In Short Form

Again, there is no need to fill in the address as per the witness’ Malaysian MyKad, which may not even be valid!

There is also no need to use the full form of the address – Jalan, instead of JLN. The postal services are not so stupid that they cannot understand the difference between Jalan and JLN.

As long as the Malaysian Election Commission (SPR) can contact the witness by mail (if need be), the vote will not be rejected.

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