Did A Ringing Phone Cause This Gas Stove Explosion?

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People are sharing a video that shows a gas stove explosion that allegedly happened when a phone rang.

Find out if it’s true that a ringing phone caused that gas stove explosion, and if that’s even possible!


Did A Ringing Phone Cause This Gas Stove Explosion?

This is the video that many sites and people have been sharing, together with warnings to stop using a phone in the kitchen.

The video may be shocking, but don’t worry – both ladies appear to escape the explosion unscathed.

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In the video, the lady on the left appeared to turn on the stove a split second before the explosion happened.

A close examination of the video will reveal that the explosion started under the stove, blowing out the oven door and sending the stove grates flying up.

The fire then spread to the tank and caused what appears to be a secondary explosion from the gas tank, which sends the stove flying forwards.

So in all likelihood, this explosion was caused by a leaking gas tank.

The short and sweet summary is that – no, a ringing phone did NOT cause that gas stove explosion.


Why A Ringing Phone Will NOT Cause A Gas Stove Explosion

For those who want to know more, here are the reasons why a ringing phone did not, and will not, cause that gas stove explosion.

Reason #1 : It Won’t Happen Without A Gas Leak / Defective Gas Tank

A gas explosion cannot happen without a gas leak, or a defective gas tank.

If there is a gas leak, the gas explosion will happen as soon as someone turned on the stove.

If the gas tank was defective, it would spontaneously rupture and probably explode.

So whether there is a phone in the kitchen is immaterial.

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Did A Ringing Phone Cause This Gas Stove Explosion?

Reason #2 : Ringing Phones Don’t Create Sparks

The electrodynamic speakers in your phone vibrate to produce sound waves. They do not generate sparks.

Think about it – how popular would mobile phones be if their speakers emitted sparks into our ears?

Without a source of sparks or an open flame, a gas leak wouldn’t catch fire and explode.

The US FCC, US NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the Petroleum Equipment Institute have all confirmed that mobile phones do not pose a fire hazard.

Reason #3 : Static Is The Real Hidden Danger

Fire incidences blamed on mobile phones can often, if not always, be traced back to static electricity.

Our bodies can get “charged” with static electricity, if we wear rubber-soled shoes or slippers. Or when we walk on a rug.

Sparks are created when an electrostatic discharge occurs – this is what causes the petrol station fires that people blame on mobile phones.


Note : Don’t Get Distracted In The Kitchen!

While your phone will not spark fires, you should still avoid using your phone whenever you’re at the petrol station or in your kitchen.

Using your phone at the petrol station or kitchen is dangerous because it can distract you from dangers in an environment with flammable liquids.

It’s really the same reason why you are not allowed to use a phone while driving. Your phone may not cause your car to explode, but you could get distracted and cause an accident!


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