Did Paul Pelosi Identify David DePape As A Friend?!

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Did Paul Pelosi identify David DePape as a friend on his 9-1-1 emergency call?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Paul Pelosi Identified David DePape As A Friend On 911 Call!

US conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza are claiming that Paul Pelosi identified David DePape as a friend on his 9-1-1 call.

Dinesh D’Souza : How did Pelosi know his attacker’s name? He told the police the assailant’s name was “David.” He also said David was his “friend.” This is on the police recording and you can listen to it yourself. So how do you explain these two telling facts?

KevinBee86 : Paul Pelosi’s 911 call reveals he knew the man, his name is David and describes him as his friend. In the beginning he said he didn’t know him but later, Paul confessed.

Did Paul Pelosi Identify David DePape As A Friend?!


Truth : Paul Pelosi Did Not Call David DePape A Friend On 911 Call!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created by US conservative and right wing conspiracy theorists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : David DePape Broke Into The Pelosi Residence

First, let me just point out a very salient fact – David DePape broke into the Pelosi residence, by breaking a glass door at the back using a hammer he brought.

Perhaps this is how Dinesh D’Souza’s friends visit him – by breaking through his rear door with a hammer, but I reckon that most of us have better friends than that.

Fact #2 : Paul Pelosi Was Asleep When DePape Broke In

According to David DePape’s own testimony, he broke into the Pelosi residence at around 2 AM, and found Paul Pelosi sleeping alone upstairs.

DePape then woke Pelosi up, asking him if he’s Paul Pelosi, and where his wife – the US Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, was.

Standing over Mr. Pelosi’s bedside just after 2:00 a.m., Defendant startled Mr. Pelosi awake by asking “Are you Paul Pelosi?”

Defendant carried a large hammer in his right hand and several white, plastic zip ties in his left hand. Defendant then repeated, “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?”

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Fact #3 : Paul Pelosi Called 9-1-1 In Front Of David DePape

Paul Pelosi managed to make his way to his bathroom, where his phone was charging. He grabbed his phone and called 9-1-1, putting the phone on speaker.

This is an important point – DePape was standing just three feet away, holding a large hammer, gesturing to him to get off the phone. So Pelosi had to alert the dispatcher without clearly calling for help.

Think about how difficult it was – he had to remain on the phone, and keep DePape calm, while speaking in code to alert the dispatcher to the danger he was facing.

Fact #4 : Paul Pelosi Said He Did Not Know David DePape

When Paul Pelosi told the dispatcher that a “gentleman just uh came into the house uh and he wants to wait for my wife to come home“, she asked him if he knew the person.

Pelosi said “he did not“, and that “the man was telling him not to do anything“.

Fact #5 : Police Dispatcher Audio Was Mischaracterised

The police audio clip, recorded at 2:28 AM local time, is being mischaracterised as evidence that Paul Pelosi called David DePape a friend.

The (male) operator  can be heard saying that the caller stated that “there is a male in his home and he is going to wait for his wife“.

The (male) operator also said that “he doesn’t know who the man is, but he [DePape] advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend“.

At that point, the (female) 9-1-1 dispatcher, Heather Grives, realised that the call was suspicious and immediately dispatched the police to the Pelosi residence as an emergency.

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Fact #6 : David DePape Identified Himself As A Friend

So how do we really know that the (male) operator was referring to DePape, and not Pelosi?

Now, this is where it gets interesting – it was DePape who identified himself to the dispatcher as “David“, and it was DePape who called himself “a friend of theirs“.

Remember – Paul Pelosi’s phone was on speaker mode, and both he and DePape can hear the conversation, and speak to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher, Heather Grives, then asked for the man’s name and the man responded, “My name is David.

When the dispatcher asked who David is, Mr. Pelosi said, “I don’t know,” but David said, “I’m a friend of theirs.

Mr. Pelosi then confirmed with the dispatcher that he did not know the man. “He’s telling me I am being very lazy, so I’ve gotta to stop talking to you, okay?”

When the dispatcher offered to stay on the line with Mr. Pelosi to make sure everything is okay, Mr. Pelosi said, “No, he wants me to get the hell off the phone.” The call ended.

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  1. Marvin SAMMONS

    Doc do you have the recording as you are aware the dispatcher call is live and indicated that Paul called David a friend. How is it that you have better info than the dispatcher? What kind of Dr are you exactly?

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Marvin, did you even read the article? I included the audio recording IN the article. #facepalm

      The actual 911 dispatcher was female. The guy on the audio was male. See the difference?

      If you have actual proof that Paul Pelosi hired David DePape as a male prostitute, please share with us the evidence.

      Don’t try to make it about me. If you believe credentials are important, fine – impress us with your resume. Go ahead.


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