Did Media Watch prove Covid patients are just actors?!

Did the Australian TV show, Media Watch, just prove that COVID-19 patients are just crisis actors hired to scare people into getting the vaccine?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Media Watch Proved COVID-19 Patients Are Just Actors!

People are sharing a video clip on WhatsApp and social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, claiming that crisis actors were paid to scare people into getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The video purportedly shows the Australian TV show, Media Watch, proving that COVID-19 patients are just crisis actors hired to scare people into getting the vaccine!

Stew Peters : Australia used CRISES ACTORS to spread Covid fear and push “vaccinations”.

SF Conservative PATRIOT : They LIED about everything. #CovidActors helped to do their dirty work.

I Stand For Freedom : Those heartbreaking stories you heard on the news early in the pandemic were mostly all LIES! They were paid Crisis/COVID actors who the GOVT & MSM paid to come on your TV & scare the shit out of you so you would inject yourself with a medical experiment. You pissed yet?

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Truth : Media Watch Proved COVID-19 Patients Were NOT Actors!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and/or promoted by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Video Was From September 2021

While the video clip is going viral in June 2023, it originally went viral several times in the past, starting around October 2021.

That’s because the video clip was originally aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s show, Media Watch, on September 9, 2021.

Fact #2 : Video Was Edited For A Different Conclusion

The video is genuine, but was edited to deliver a completely different conclusion.

In the video, Paul Barry started the segment by discussing rumours that health authorities in New South Wales employed crisis actors to impersonate COVID-19 patients, to push the vaccination campaign.

After showing clips of three Concord Hospital patients in Sydney testifying about their fight with COVID-19, Barry said:

But soon, people on social media were wondering if the New South Wales video was actually a fake.

Yes, all three, including Ramona, were supposedly paid crisis actors, who did not have Covid at all

The video cuts right after it shows a TikTok video in which an “Internet sleuth” called the hospital and found out that Ramona Khoury was not a patient at the hospital.

That’s because like our fact check articles, Paul Barry started by telling his viewers what the fake news was, before debunking it.

What the fake news creator did was cut the video to only show you the first part, and cut out the rest of the segment which shows Paul Barry debunking the claims.

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Fact #3 : Media Watch Proved COVID-19 Patients Were Not Actors

In the full segment of the Media Watch video (watch here), Paul Barry debunked the claims that the three patients in the video were crisis actors.

So is Ramona a crisis actor pretending to have Covid for New South Wales Health? No, of course she’s not.

As New South Wales Health made clear, the patient’s name is not Ramona Khoury, but Ramona El-Nachar who is a pharmacy worker.

[screen shows a photo comparison of Ramona El-Nachar, and Ramona Khoury]

And as you can clearly see, they are two different people, despite the fact that they both are women, and both have dark hair.

And as for [the] two male patients, we are happy to tell you that they are not crisis actors either.

Media Watch then shows one of the male patients, Osama Ahmad, was wrongly identified as actor Mitch Garling, who posted an Instagram video saying that he was not Osama Ahmad:

Turns out that people are using my photo and my StarNow profile saying that I’m an actor sitting in a hospital pretending to have Covid.

Look, I am an actor, but not pretending to have Covid. Not that. It doesn’t even look like me, he has a beard, that’s it.

Fact #4 : Media Watch Called Viral Video “Absurd”

Media Watch executive producer Timothy Latham labelled the edited video clip which keeps going viral on social media as “absurd and deliberately misleading“.

The reason we did the story in the first place was to kill off this idiotic suggestion.

It’s an insult to Concord Hospital and the brave patients who spoke out about the reality of contracting Covid-19.

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Fact #5 : This Is Just Anti-Vaccine Fact News

This is just another example of fake news created and/or spread by anti-vaccination activists to scare people. Here are other recent examples:

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