Media Prima / Nielsen Fake Job Scam Alert!

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Please watch out for the Media Prima Digital / Nielsen fake job scam! Don’t forget to warn your family and friends!


Media Prima / Nielsen Job Scam : How They Reel You In…

Scammers are targeting people through WhatsApp, offering an easy way to make extra money through a part-time job you can do online.

I am Shirley , a permanent employee at Media Prima Digital Company in the recruitment department. The HR department sent me this number and asked me to contact you to get you to a job opportunity.

I just want to share some work-from-home freelance job information offer .You don’t have to spend a lot of time on the job.I can explain if you are interested

The job appears to be very simple – just use your Instagram account to follow Media Prima Digital’s brand partners, to boost their follower count and exposure.

Our job is to use Instagram to follow our various partner brands and work with Malaysian brand influencers to increase their exposure. We hire freelancers to work with the hope of earning extra income every day.

You don’t have to do any marketing for the brand, you just have to subscribe Brand. The salary will be paid daily using TnG or Bank transfer.

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Media Prima / Nielsen Fake Job Scam Alert!

Best of all, the scammers are promising that you can make easy money doing nothing more than help Media Prima Digital boost their brand partners on Instagram…

This job is like freelancing. You can do it from anywhere and anytime if you can use social media. RM 110-550 per day if you can do it energetically without even a little worry. You can earn up to RM 3,300-16,500 per month.

Wow! That’s more than what many people earn in Malaysia, so why the heck not, right? Just use Instagram to help big brands “cheat” on their follower counts. Unethical, but not illegal, right? And easy money to make.

The scammer will let you try one or two tasks to show you just how easy it is to make quick money. Wow – you can earn RM10 just by following one Instagram account? Easy!

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How Fake Job Syndicates Operate! Scam Alert


Media Prima / Nielsen Job Scam Runs On Telegram

To get paid, the scammer hands you over to the actual fake job syndicate on Telegram…

Why Telegram? Telegram is popular with scammers because it not only offers end-to-end encryption, it won’t expose their actual telephone numbers.

Go to telegram and add to our receptionist. Use this username @AD or you can easily add her using this Link.

After successfully adding her send her a message. (I’m a new member.) code: JZ 450032 (ML-OS)Please send me a screenshot to confirm after sending code message to her.

She will invite you to join our working group where you can accomplish many tasks and earn more salary.

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Media Prima / Nielsen Fake Job Scam Alert!

This “receptionist” will quickly pay you the RM10 (the bait), to “prove” that this is a genuine operation. She will then explain what you need to do to earn RM200 to RM300 a day. That’s more than what most people make in a day!

The finance department is sending money to you, please inform me when you receive it! Now let me give you a detailed description of our part-time work

The main job is to help Instagram users follow their page. You get RM2 for completing one task. RM80+ commission per day depending on your hours. The daily income is between RM 200 and RM 300, as long as you have enough time to do it, you can join

You will get RM2-RM18 commission for completing the task and an additional RM80 salary, which will be calculated based on your working hours today, ending at 8pm

Complete a task for RM2, accumulate RM10 and you can automatically receive commission. The more tasks you do, the more commissions you earn and the higher your salary

Update the task every 20 minutes and send me screenshots when you’re done so I know how much you’ve accomplished. The timeout task has expired and does not need to be completed. Do the latest task in the group

Only RM2 per task? But okay, they are also offering a daily commission. You work it out, and decide – what the heck, you can still get a decent sum every day. So you agree to participate.

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Media Prima / Nielsen Fake Job Scam Alert!

After you chug along, accumulating a small but nice sum over several hours, they hit you with the scam… you have to invest your money for the next job.

Subscribe to Tasks:
In order to thank you for your support to our company we hereby announce the welfare task and strive for the quota for everyone
Subscription Rule (2-4 orders) This task is based on market demand, we are recruiting customers to transfer subscription to increase transaction flow.
Increase market turnover. 5 to 10 minutes to complete the task, such as subscribe RM100, get RM130, 30% profit.
MYR 100 Cash back MYR 130 (Newbie subscription)
MYR 200 Cash back MYR 260
MYR 300 Cash back MYR 390
MYR 600 Cash back MYR 780
MYR 1000 Cashback MYR 1300

This is when your receptionist will pressure you into at least taking the “newbie subscription” of “just RM100”. She will assure you that you will instantly get RM30 profit.

In the meantime, people in the Telegram group will publicly announce that they are buying subscriptions of RM300, RM600, etc. These are likely just accounts run by the scammers.

If you hesitate, the receptionist will tell you that you cannot proceed without subscribing to this task. If you refuse, you will also lose the money you earned earlier. This is how they trap you.

If you jump right into it, the group will likely pay you the first time, to tempt you into investing more the next time around. That’s when they take your money for good.

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How A University Student Lost RM20K In Online Job Scam!

Don’t think that you can’t really lose much on such fake job scams. One university student recently explained how he lost over RM22,000 in a similar job scam.

There’s one trick that this scammer is using. He let me start with a small investment, then proceed with stages. They force me to continue because I want to rescue the money that I put in in the previous task. So it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So please AVOID such online job offers, and help us fight these scammers – SHARE this article out, and WARN your family and friends!


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