Lil Keed : Cause of Death Revealed, Not From Vaccine!

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An autopsy was conducted on Lil Keed, and it confirmed that he did not die from liver failure caused by the COVID-19 vaccine!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2023-01-05 : Added Lil Keed’s cause of death and final autopsy + coroner’s report.
Updated @ 2022-06-13 : Added LA County medical examiner’s comments.
Updated @ 2022-05-15 : Added Lil Gotit’s description of Lil Keed’s last moments.

Originally posted @ 2022-05-14


Claim : Lil Keed Died From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine!

Within hours of the news breaking that Atlanta rapper Lil Keed died, Jason Pires from Vancouver Times posted a story that claims he died from the Pfizer vaccine!

Rapper Lil Keed died from liver failure after taking the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, according to the doctors that treated him. Lil Keed originally objected to the vaccine, but his brother put pressure on him, and he accepted.

The rapper, from Atlanta, whose real name is Raqhid Render, had worked with numerous high profile artists over the years. Lil Keed was only 24 when he passed away.

His brother, Lil Gotit, confirmed the story with reporters at the Vancouver Times. His family plans on filing a lawsuit against Pfizer for wrongful death.

Did Rapper Lil Keed Die From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine?!


Truth : Lil Keed Did Not Die From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created to generate page views and money from gullible people.

Fact #1 : Vancouver Times Is A Fake News Website

Vancouver Times appears to be a copy of the infamous Conservative Beaver – a “content aggregator” (copy and paste) website that is known for creating fake news to generate more page views and money.

To look legitimate, they copy and paste news from legitimate news organisations. To drive traffic, they create fake news, sometimes masked as “satire”. This time, they didn’t even bother to park it under their “Satire” section.

They revealed their true nature in their About Us section, hidden at the very bottom of the page, after a long list of comments.

Vancouver Times is the most trusted source for satire on the West Coast. We write satirical stories about issues that affect conservatives.

We are not affiliated with the mainstream media (CBC, CTV etc.) in any way, and any similarities between our content and the work of the MSM is purely coincidental.

Earlier, they created and propagated the fake story that Gilbert Gottfried’s wife said that he was killed by the COVID-19 vaccine.

They also created the fake story that Pfizer Vice President Rady Johnson was arrested and charged with multiple counts of vaccine fraud!

Read more : Was Pfizer VP Rady Johnson Arrested For Vaccine Fraud?!

Was Pfizer VP Rady Johnson Arrested For Vaccine Fraud?!

Fact #2 : Lil Keed’s Cause Of Death Was Eosinophilia

Lil Keed (born Raqhid Jevon Render on March 16, 1998) died on May 13, 2022, hours after going to the Burbank Hospital with complains of stomach and back pain at around 7:30 PM.

Vancouver Times claimed that Lil Keed died from liver failure after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. That has been definitely proven wrong when the Los Angeles County Medical-Examiner examined Lil Deed and released his autopsy report seven months later.

In their autopsy report, Lil Reed was determined to have died from natural causes, with the official cause of death listed as Sequelae of Eosinophilia (too many eosinophils – a type of white blood cell), with an unestablished aetiology (cause).

Severe eosinophilia is dangerous as the eosinophils can form aggregates that block blood vessels, causing stroke and respiratory failure if they block blood supply to the brain or lungs.

Eosinophilia can develop in people for no known reason – a condition known as idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome. And no – COVID-19 vaccines do not cause eosinophilia.

The coroner’s report noted that Lil Keed “had been sick in bed for 4 days with complaints of stomach and back pains” and that “his brother noted that [his] eyes were jaundiced and drove him to the hospital in a private vehicle“.

According to the coroner’s report, Lil Keed was hospitalised earlier in Georgia with stomach pain too, but “left against medical advice and did not seek follow-up care“.

Lil Keed autopsy report

Fact #3 : His Family Did Not Mention Vaccine Or Pfizer

Lil Keed’s younger brother and girlfriend were the only members of his family to speak about his death (so far).

Neither mentioned that his death was related to the COVID-19 vaccine, or that they plan on filing any lawsuit against Pfizer.

His younger brother, rapper Lil Gotit (real name Semaja Render) was the first to officially announce his death on Instagram :

Can’t believe I seened u die today bro I did all my cries I know what u want me to do and that’s go hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers Naychur and Whiteboy #ImaHoldthisShitDown

Lil Gotit mentioned twice that he saw his brother die, but did not mention how he died. In his follow-up video (posted on Instagram by @theneighborhoodtalk), Lil Gotit said :

I watched my brother die… We rushed to the hospital, I looked in the man’s eyes like, ‘Damn, my brother gone. I told him I love him.”

Shit… It’s all like that now. Man, my brother with me, man, I’m good!

I took him to the hospital, n***a, I did it. You wouldn’t believe that my brother right now, he in the sky.

Quana Bandz, Lil Keed’s girlfriend and the mother of their 3-year old daughter, Naychur, also posted about his death on Instagram :

I love you sooooo much baby 🥺 what I’m post to do with out you😤I can’t breathe right sleep right nothing I don’t even wanna talk to nobody Keed I can’t take this why you leave US bru. What am I supposed to tell Naychur? What am I gone tell our new baby ? Keed I just told you the other day if you left me with these two kids I was gone loose my mind 🥺 my Mind is lost baby. You told me everything I’m sooooo sorry I didn’t fly to LA I know I could’ve saved you baby

Her post goes on for much longer, but not once did she ever mention that his death was related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Did Rapper Lil Keed Die From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine?!

Fact #4 : Lil Keen’s Vaccination Status Is Unknown

Lil Keed has never mentioned anything about the COVID-19 vaccine, or his vaccination status.

The claim that he objected to the vaccine is unsubstantiated, and was most likely created by Vancouver Times.

So is the claim that his brother – Lil Gotit – pressured him to get the vaccine. There is simply no evidence Lil Gotit forced his brother to get vaccinated.

Fact #5 : Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Experimental

The COVID-19 vaccines are only experimental whilst they are under development, or undergoing clinical trials.

They are no longer experimental once they successfully clear their clinical trials, and receive either an emergency use authorisation or full approval from a health authority like the US FDA or EMA.

The Pfizer vaccine received its full FDA approval on 23 August 2021, so this claim is completely bogus.

You should also know that no experimental vaccine can ever be administered to the public.

Everything that Vancouver Times posts should be regarded as FAKE NEWS, until proven otherwise.

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And please protect yourself, and your family, by vaccinating them against COVID-19!


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