Fact Check : King Charles III Just Died From Cancer?!

Did King Charles just die from cancer at the age of 75?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : King Charles III Just Died From Cancer!

Some people are claiming that King Charles III just died from cancer at the age of 75! Here are just some examples:


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No Evidence King Charles Died From Cancer!

This appears to be another example of fake news circulating on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : King Charles Did Not Die From Cancer!

Let me start by simply pointing out that King Charles did not die from cancer on 17 March 2024.

There was no announcement from official Buckingham Palace sources like its official website, or its official Instagram page, or its official X page.

If King Charles III actually died from any cause, it would have officially announced on the official website, and on the BBC. Yet, there has been no such announcement.

On the other hand, the UK Embassy in Ukraine officially announced that King Charles is not dead:

News about King Charles III death is fake

Fact #2 : King Charles III Death Announcement Is Fake

Other people are sharing what appears to be an official announcement by Buckingham Palace, which states simply:


The King passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon.

Monday, 18th March 2024

Even though this announcement was dated today – Monday, 18 March 2024, it was not posted by Buckingham Palace. We also know that it’s fake, because:

  • The announcement does not appear to be formatted properly as previous official statements.
  • Statements issued by Buckingham Palace would not be labelled as issued by Royal Communications.

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Fact #3 : King Charles III Does Not Have Prostate Cancer

Here’s another clue why this is a fake claim – King Charles does not have prostate cancer.

On 5 February 2024, Buckingham Palace issued a statement informing the public that when King Charles underwent a procedure for benign prostate enlargement, his doctors discovered an unspecified cancer.

During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer. 

Buckingham Palace declined to reveal what type of cancer King Charles was diagnosed with, and would only confirm that it was not prostate cancer.

No further details are being shared at this stage, except to confirm that His Majesty does not have prostate cancer.

Fact #4 : No One Offered Any Evidence

Quite a number of people are claiming that an unnamed “source” reported that King Charles died from prostate cancer. However, none of them actually offered any evidence such a source exists.

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Fact #5 : Rumour First Appeared In Russian Media

Interestingly, this rumour appears to have first appeared in Russian media, instead of the notoriously inquisitive and free media in the United Kingdom!

Russia’s Gazeta, for example, reported on its Telegram channel that Russian media reported King Charles III died, only to later update it with an announcement that:

Buckingham Palace told TASS that Charles III is alive. He continues to perform work duties and engage in private affairs.

Fact #6 : Rumour Came Right After Major Announcement Fake News

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), this rumour came right after people falsely claimed that the British Royal Family told people to look out for an impending major announcement.

Fact #7 : This Is Just Royal Family Fake News!

This appears to be yet another example of fake news about the British Royal family, like these examples:

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