Did millions of Japanese protest against WHO Pandemic Treaty?!

Did millions of people protest against the WHO Pandemic Treaty in major Japanese cities?! Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Millions of Japanese protested against WHO Pandemic Treaty!

People are sharing an article (archive) by The People’s Voice (formerly NewsPunch), which claimed that millions of people protested against the WHO Pandemic Treaty in major Japanese cities!

Here is an excerpt of the long and (intentionally?) confusing article. Feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Millions of Japanese Rise Up Against Tyrannical WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’

Massive protests are rocking Japan’s major cities as the people rise up against their government’s plans to sign the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty.

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Truth : Millions of Japanese did not protest against WHO Pandemic Treaty!

This is yet another example of fake news created / promoted by The People’s Voice, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Protest Only Occurred In Tokyo

The People’s Voice article claimed that protests against the WHO Pandemic Treaty are occurring in “Japan’s major cities”. That’s not true.

The protest against the WHO Pandemic Treaty only occurred in Tokyo, on the afternoon of April 13, 2024. Even then, it was restricted to the Ikebukuro district, specifically the Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park.

Unsurprisingly, The People’s Voice did not provide any actual evidence that there were protests against the WHO Pandemic Treaty in other major Japanese cities.

Fact #2 : There Were Only Hundreds / Thousands Of People

The People’s Voice article also claimed or suggested that millions of Japanese people protested against the WHO Pandemic Treaty. That is also not true.

In fact, The People’s Voice article itself pointed out that the organisers “aimed for a turnout of 100,000 protestors”. How did that translate into “millions of Japanese”???

Even favourable reports (example) stated that there were thousands of people there, not millions. An eyewitness on Reddit (archive), however, reported that there were only a few hundred people, while a risk management company reported (archive) that there were only several thousand people.

Regardless of whether there were hundreds or thousands of people at that Japanese protest against the WHO Pandemic Treaty, I think we can agree that it was nowhere close to hundreds of thousands, and certainly not millions of people.

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Fact #3 : Photo Was Taken In August 2016

The People’s Voice article used a photo that appears to show a huge crowd of people at the Japanese protest against the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

However, that photo was actually taken on August 30, 2016, and shows protestors outside the Diet building in the Chiyoda Ward (a completely different part of Tokyo). The people there were protesting against the security legislation, not the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Fact #4 : WHO Pandemic Treaty Does Not Affect Sovereignty!

If you download and read the zero draft, you will realise that it clearly states in Pages 10 and 11 that countries like Japan will continue to have the right to “determine and manage” their own healthcare initiatives, including how to tackle future pandemics.

3. Sovereignty – States have, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law, the sovereign right to determine and manage their approach to public health, notably pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems, pursuant to their own policies and legislation, provided that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries. Sovereignty also covers the rights of States over their biological resources.

Unless those protestors did not read the Zero Draft, it seems impossible that they would not be aware that the WHO Pandemic Treaty would not affect any country’s sovereignty!

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Protesters against the security legislation block a road in front of the Diet building in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, on Aug. 30, 2016. (Mainichi)

Fact #5 : The People’s Voice Is Known For Fake News

The People’s Voice is the current name for NewsPunch, which possibly changed its name because its brand has been so thoroughly discredited after posting numerous shocking but fake stories.

Founded as Your News Wire in 2014, it was rebranded as NewsPunch in November 2018, before becoming The People’s Voice. A 2017 BuzzFeed report identified NewsPunch as the second-largest source of popular fake news on Facebook that year.

Its articles have been regularly debunked as fake news, so you should never share anything from NewsPunch / The People’s Voice.  Here are some of its fake stories that I fact checked earlier:

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