What Must You Do Before + During GE15 Election?

Find out what must you do before GE15 – the 15th General Election in Malaysia, and on election day itself!


What Should You Do Before GE15 Election Day?

Thanks to the Undi18 constitutional amendments that expanded voting rights for Malaysian citizens from 15 December 2021 onwards:

  • the minimum voting age was reduced to 18 years
  • automatic voter registration – all eligible voters would be automatically registered and allowed to vote

There is no longer a need for you to register to vote, but you should check your voting details at least one day before Election Day.

Use the SPR Semakan Daftar Pemilih (Electoral Roll Review) page, which will give you important information like:

  • Pusat Mengundi : Location of your voting centre
  • Saluran : Your assigned polling station at the voting centre
  • Bilangan : The number of voters assigned to that polling station
  • Masa Mengundi : Voting time for your voting centre
  • Masa Keluar Mengundi Yang Digalakkan : Recommended time to go vote
  • Hari Mengundi : Election day

While it is not necessary to print those details, if you can write them down and bring them to the voting centre, it will help the election clerks speed up your registration.

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What Must Voters Bring On GE15 Election Day?

The only thing voters MUST bring is one of these identification documents, in order to qualify to vote on Election Day:

  • MyKad identification card
  • Malaysian passport
  • Malaysian driving licence
  • Temporary identification document (JPN. KPPK09)
  • Official JPN Receipt for Lost Identification Card Report (JPN. KPPK11)

In addition to their identification document, COVID-19 positive persons MUST also bring:

  • a face mask that is worn at all times, except during the facial identification process
  • a smartphone with MySejahtera installed, for KKM officers to check your COVID-19 status

These are recommended (not necessary) items that voters may choose to bring:

  • your own hand sanitiser – recommended for COVID-19 voters
  • your own pen – recommended for COVID-19 voters
  • your own tissue paper – to wipe off any excess indelible ink


What Voters Cannot Bring On GE15 Election Day?

Voters are NOT allowed to bring any item (like umbrellas, bags, and caps) with the name of any electoral candidate, or the symbol of any political party, into the voting centre.

Voters are also NOT allowed to wear clothes that have the name of any electoral candidate, or the symbol of any political party.

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What Should Voters Do On GE15 Election Day?

Step 1 : Once you arrive at your voting centre, you can either :

  • head directly to your Saluran (polling station), if you already know your Saluran number, or
  • ask the SRP Barung agent there to check your Saluran number.

Step 2 : Queue outside your assigned Saluran, for your turn to enter the polling station.

Please note that you are NOT allowed to use your phone at the polling station.

Step 3 : Once the police officer at the polling station lets you in, you need to hand over your identification document (e.g. MyKad) to the first polling clerk.

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Step 4 : The polling clerk will verify your details against the electoral roll, and perform a visual identification.

At this point, COVID-19 positive voters must pull down their face masks. Please take care to stand at a distance, and avoid speaking, and quickly put the face mask on after the clerk confirms your identity.

Step 4 : The polling clerk will then ask you to show both your hands, to confirm that you do not have any fingers marked with the indelible ink – evidence that you have not voted yet.

Step 5 : The first polling clerk will hand your identification document to the second polling clerk, and loudly call out your identification card / passport number and name. Please make sure that they are both correct.

Step 6 : You will be asked to move to the second polling clerk, who will hand your identification document back to you.

Step 7 : The second polling clerk will ask you to put out your left index (second) finger, to dip into the indelible ink bottle.

COVID-19 positive voters MUST sanitise their hands BEFORE dipping their left index fingers into the indelible ink bottle.

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Step 8 : Head to the next table where the third polling clerk will hand you your folded paper ballot(s).

You will get a white ballot for Parliament, but you may not receive a peach ballot for state – it depends on your constituency.

Just in case the indelible ink on your left index finger is still wet, take your paper ballots using your right hand.

Step 9 : You will now be asked to head to the table of the Polling Station Head (Ketua Tempat Mengundi, KTM), to deposit your mobile phone in the provided box.

Step 10 : You can now proceed to the voting booth, where you can now unfold the paper ballots.

Although ink smudges will not void your vote, try to unfold your paper ballots once the indelible ink has dried on your left index finger.

Step 11 : Choose your candidate by marking each paper ballot ONCE with an X in the empty box on the far right using the provided pen, or your own pen.

Step 12 : Fold the paper ballots once you are done, before you leave the voting booth.

Step 13 : Drop your paper ballots into the respective polling boxes for Parliament (white) and State (peach).

Step 14 : Collect your mobile phone from the table of the Polling Station Head (KTM).

Step 15 : You can leave the polling station, and the voting centre.

I hope you found this guide useful. Please feel free to share this out with your family and friends.

Happy voting on 19 November 2022!


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