Did These Famous People Mock God And Die?!

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Marilyn Monroe, Bon Scott, Campinas, Christine Hewitt


Marilyn Monroe Did Not Mock God

The claim that Marilyn Monroe was visited by Billy Graham just a week before she was found dead is categorically untrue.

As one of the most famous celebrities during her time, she was closely followed by fans and the press. So we know with certainty that Marilyn Monroe never met Billy Graham in her entire life.

Billy Graham also did not preach to Marilyn Monroe, or even had a conversation with her… ever.

According to a spokesperson for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, “there was no discussion between Marilyn Monroe and Billy Graham”. Therefore, we can safely say that this claim is utter nonsense.

Deaths of Famous People Who Mocked God - Marilyn Monroe

Interestingly, Marilyn Monroe was a Christian who converted to Judaism in 1956, 6 years before she tragically died.

But whether she was a Christian or a Jew, she prayed to the same God, and it appeared that she took her religion rather seriously. At least, according to her rabbi, Robert Goldburg :

“She indicated that she was impressed with the rationalism of Judaism, its ethical and prophetic ideals and its concept of close family life,” wrote the Reform rabbi.

“Marilyn was not an intellectual person but she was sincere in her desire to learn. It was also clear that her ability to concentrate over a long period of time was limited.

However I did feel that she understood and accepted the basic principles of Judaism.”

Even after her divorce from her Jewish husband, Arthur Miller, Marilyn told Goldburg that she “remained committed to Judaism”.

Even if Marilyn Monroe did say that she did not need Jesus, that would not be an insult, but the correct belief of a practising Jew.

God would certainly not kill her for not accepting a prophet that was not part of her faith. Or would he?


Bon Scott Did Not Mock God

AC/DC released their hit single “Highway To Hell” in 1979, and yes, Bon Scott died six months later at the back of his friend’s car.

It was said that Bon Scott choked on his own vomit, after passing out from a night of heavy drinking. That is certainly a possibility when someone’s totally wasted.

However, his official cause of death was “acute alcohol poisoning“.

More importantly though, Highway To Hell became one of the most famous songs in the world. Millions of their fans sang the same song, and many more still do today.

Many other singers also covered the song, including Marilyn Manson, Lazlo Bane, Maroon 5, Bruce Springsteen and even Billy Joel. Yet, they did not die from the wrath of God, did they?

And why should God be angry at Bon Scott, or anyone singing about going down the “Highway to Hell”? The song in no way mocked God or any religion.

Deaths of Famous People Who Mocked God - Bon Scott


2005 Campinas Car Accident Likely Did Not Happen

The purported Campinas car accident in 2005 cannot be corroborated in any way. But the story itself is preposterous, for several reasons.

  1. Which mother in the world would let her daughter sit in the car of obviously drunk teens?
  2. Why would there be a crate of eggs in the trunk of a car driven by drunk teenagers?
  3. In any accident, the trunk is the most likely part of the car to survive a head-on collision.
  4. If the trunk survived intact (as the story claims), then the car would have been easy to recognise.

Common sense would dictate that this is nothing more than a rather silly urban legend designed to drive the fear of God into “foolish” teens.


Christine Hewitt Did Not Mock God

First of all, there is no evidence Christine Hewitt called the Bible “the worst book ever written”. Even if she said that, that would be a criticism of a book, not mocking God.

Christine Hewitt was found burnt beyond recognition in her Toyota Hiace minivan. However, that was only done to cover up the act of murder, and/or to destroy evidence.

She did not spontaneously combust or die as a result of the fire, as the hoax insinuates.

She was actually shot dead and her body placed in her minivan, which was then driven to a lonely rural road before being set on fire.

Her husband, David Lloyd Gordon, and his brother, Wordsworth Gordon, were ultimately charged with her murder.

Obviously, they are not the hands of God… unless God condones murder?

Deaths of Famous People Who Mocked God - Christine Hewitt

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