Viral Donald Trump Arrest + Escape Photos Explained!

The viral Donald Trump arrest and prison escape photos are hilarious, and were based on a famous movie!

Take a look for yourself, and learn about the story behind these viral photos!


Donald Trump Arrest Photos Go Viral!

Over the last two days, photos purporting to show police officers trying to arrest Donald Trump have gone viral, with comments like:

Donald Trump has been arrested downtown Washington DC

These photos of Donald Trump getting arrested are too much 💀💀

BREAKING: Donald Trump was just arrested by New York law enforcement.

Breaking News Trump has been arrested after a brief struggle with Police reports say

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Viral Donald Trump Arrest + Escape Photos Explained!

The truth is these viral Donald Trump arrest photos are fake, and were generated by artificial intelligence, and is really based on a famous Hollywood movie!

Fact #1 : They Were Generated Using Artificial Intelligence

First, let me just confirmed that all those viral photos of police officers trying to arrest Donald Trump are fake, and were generated by artificial intelligence.

They were created by Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins using the text-to-image generator, Midjourney, which works like other AI image generators – DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

Eliot Higgins specifically pointed out in his tweets that they were not real, and that he created them:

Making pictures of Trump getting arrested while waiting for Trump’s arrest.

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This blew up etc, so donate to Bellingcat so we can catch bad guys and make scenes like this real

Meanwhile, in AI Trump world:

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Fact #2 : The Photos Have Anomalies

If you look closely, many of those Donald Trump arrest photos have graphical anomalies that will tell you that they were generated by AI. Just take a look at this one iconic photo:

  • Donald Trump’s head is abnormally large, with misplaced hair, and half an ear that is misplaced under his jawline.
  • The police officer’s hand is missing a finger.
  • Donald Trump appears to be wearing a belt with a baton attached!
  • Not highlighted here, but the caps of the police officers have nonsensical text.

Based on those anomalies alone, this photo was very likely created using a text-to-image generator.

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Fact #3 : Eliot Higgins Got Banned From Midjourney

After Eliot Higgins shared his work on Twitter, he apparently got banned from Midjourney.

Apparently doing a viral thread about Donald Trump using Midjourney images is enough to get you banned from Midjourney, oops.

Fact #4 : The Photo Story Was Based On Shawshank Redemption

While most people only shared the photos of Donald Trump getting arrested, Eliot Higgins actually posted about 50 photos, all of which tell a story he called “Trumpshank Redemption“, because it was based on the legendary 1994 movie, Shawshank Redemption!

At least I still have ChatGPT 4, so here’s the Trumpshank Redemption for those of you who have stuck around this long.

Here was a mini-script he wrote for TrumpShank Redemption, interleaved with some of what I felt were his best AI-generated prison photos.


A dark, imposing prison stands tall in the night. The year is 1994. A bus arrives, carrying a group of prisoners, including DONALD TRUMP, a wealthy businessman convicted for tax fraud and various other crimes. The prisoners are led by the cruel WARDEN NORTON and his sadistic chief guard, CAPTAIN HADLEY.

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Trump arrives at his cell, meeting his cellmate, ELLIS “RED” REDDING, an inmate who has already served a long time at Trumpshank.

RED (voiceover)

Donald Trump. The man who had everything, now in a place where he has nothing.


Trump and Red sit together, eating the dismal prison food.


RED (smirks)

This isn’t a hotel, Donald. It’s a prison.

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You know, Red, I could make this place great again. It just needs a few improvements, some gold-plated walls, a luxury golf course.

Trump and Red continue their conversation, surrounded by a group of other inmates.

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Red, I need you to get me some things. You’re the guy who can get things, right?

RED (chuckles)

I’ve been known to locate certain items from time to time. What do you need?


I need a chisel, a rock hammer, and a large poster of Ivanka Trump.


(raising an eyebrow)

A poster of your daughter? That’s… unusual.


Trust me, Red. I have a plan. A tremendous plan.

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Trump works as an assistant librarian under the watchful eye of the old, wise inmate, BROOKS. He uses his business acumen to expand the library and improve the educational opportunities for the inmates.

TRUMP (voiceover)

I knew that to make Trumpshank great again, I needed to start with the library. Knowledge is power, after all.


Trump carefully chips away at the wall behind his Ivanka poster with his rock hammer.

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Warden Norton discovers that Trump has been using his position in the library to help launder money for the prison staff.

NORTON (angry)

You think you can outsmart me, Trump? You’re in here for a reason.

TRUMP (smirking)

Warden, I’m a businessman. I know how to make a deal. You let me continue, and we both benefit. It’s a win-win.

NORTON (grudgingly)

You better keep your end of the bargain, Trump. Or else.


Trump confides in Red about his plan.


I’ve been digging a tunnel, Red. I’m going to escape, and when I do, I’ll expose Norton and Hadley for their corruption.

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Unlike in Shawshank Redemption though, Eliot has Donald Trump running straight for the nearest McDonald’s (Minonad – another AI screw-up LOL) in Trumpshank Redemption. Donald Trump is well-known for his love of McDonald’s burgers.

But honestly, Eliot jumped the shark when he had Donald Trump actually “run”. The former US President infamously started his campaign going down an escalator, and had to slowly walk down a ramp as President.


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