Died Suddenly Caught Using Old Blood Clot Video!

The Stew Peters Died Suddenly movie was just caught misusing an old blood clot video from before the COVID-19 pandemic!


Died Suddenly : Anti-Vaccination Blood Clot Movie

Anti-vaccination activist and conspiracy theorist Stew Peters recently released Died Suddenly – his “documentary” on sudden deaths blamed on “mysterious blood clots” caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

The trouble is – the sudden deaths featured in his movie were not confirmed to be caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, many of them did not even die!

Even those who died suddenly did not actually die from the COVID-19 vaccine, but from other causes that were already revealed publicly!

And now – the most shocking part of the documentary has been proven to be recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic!

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Died Suddenly Caught Using 2019 Blood Clot Video!

The most shocking part of the Died Suddenly movie occurs at around 52:24, when embalmer Nicky Rupright King said that a medical doctor could only see the blood clots that she saw, if they actually went internally into the body.

In other words, she was suggesting that doctors would be able to see these blood clots only if they surgically opened up the patient’s body.

The movie then segues to show an open heart surgery, in which a massive blood clot is pulled out.

A man can be heard saying, “So this is coming out of a beating heart, alright. Look at this and tell me if it looks the same way“.

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Original Video Was Posted In April 2019

That video clip was actually “stolen” from Dr. Eric Beyer’s YouTube channel. The original video was posted on April 2, 2019.

In other words – this video has nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccines, which were not approved until 20.5 months later.

In fact, the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan was not reported until almost 9 months after this video was posted!

Video Shows Removal Of Lung Blood Clot

Dr. Eric Beyer’s video was clearly titled “Pulmonary Embolectomy DVT Saddle Pulmonary Embolism” – the removal of a large blood clot (thrombus) that got stuck where the main pulmonary artery branches off to go into each lung. Hence the name – saddle pulmonary embolism.

it is impossible that Stew Peters and his Died Suddenly team were not aware of what the video was really about. The original video also had running commentary by Dr. Beyer as he conducted that surgery.

Video Edited To Remove Dr. Erik Beyer’s Overlay

Dr. Erik Breyer’s original video had a watermark with his name at the point where the large blood clot is pulled out of the pulmonary artery.

But in Died Suddenly movie, that part was edited out, leaving a sudden “jump” in video if you look carefully.

Why did the Died Suddenly team edit out Dr. Breyer’s watermark? What did they have to hide?

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